Chronicle of Manga Barcelona, ​​Sunday: K-pop, Idol Contest and good vibes

  • Music has been the main protagonist of the day this Sunday at Manga Barcelona

“3, 2, 1 …” can be heard over the PA system. After the countdown, a song begins to play. More specifically the chorus of some subject of K-pop. The ‘Assault’ begins. Those who know the choreography run to the stage and with hardly any time to think, the performance. Exaggerated gestures, ‘lipsync’ and a devoted audience are all that the lively dancers need to give it their all. From outside, at the foot of ‘dance stage’, viewers cheer them on and chant the lyrics of songs that they have been practicing in advance.

“It is the music we listen to in our day to day. We all know the choreographies“, explains one of the young women who has not yet dared to go out to dance in the area outside the Montjuïch enclosure of the Manga Barcelona. The songs that are playing, mostly Korean and Japanese, are the ‘songs’ of the moment and each time they bring together about ten or twelve brave people who dare to go out and dance in front of everyone. Good weather helps. Gone is the gray sky that this Saturday passed through water to the attendees of the room and this Sunday there were many who looked, under the sol, the performances from the tables outdoor installed in the center of the enclosure.

Idol Contest

Beyond the lyrics sung by boybands and girlbands, there are other types of ‘hits’ that delight those present. About the wigs of colors, contact lenses quirky and dresses impossible. Starts the Idol Contest on the main stage. Unlike the ‘random’ dances of the assaults, in this case, the performers have spent months preparing to perform. It is the case of Raquel and Vicky. Both young women have been practicing for weeks to dance to a song of ‘Liella!’, a group of ‘school idols’ starring in ‘Love Live! Superstar!!’. When they come out on stage, those who were waiting for them burst into cheers.

It is your turn to show that you deserve to win the prize at stake in this contest: a Nintendo Switch. While they are parading through the stage brave characterized by their favorite animes, the spectators sing and imitate the steps of the choreographies that are reproduced above the stage. Others wave glow sticks to the beat of the music. At the foot of the stage, three judges they score the performances of the interpreters.

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If something emerges from all this musical experience, it is that despite being contests, good vibes reign at Manga Barcelona and there is no room for more than admiration for the costumes, dances and stagings of all that fit in the large venue. Proof of this are Pau, Clara and Ciel. They just had a photo taken with another group of cosplayers as if they had known each other for a lifetime. “Oh no! We don’t know them, but they are dressed in ‘Tokyo Revengers’ and we from ‘Genshin Impact‘and we wanted to take a photo, “explains Pau. From the outside, it seemed that in the meantime’eyeliner‘there were looks of real complicity.