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Chronicle of the fourth day at 27 Manga Barcelona

The fourth and last day of this edition of the 27 Manga Barcelona. Another day in which a lot of more than interesting interviews and conferences await us. The influx of people on this last day was also notable and both stands, halls and stages were packed with people until the end of the day.

First thing in the morning, at 9:00 a.m., we had the interview with Ana Dear and Alina, in connection from Japan, from Tomodomo Editions. In the interview, they gave us details of their new licenses, release dates and their importance in this golden age of the BL that is being lived. If you missed the live show, you can watch it in full on our Twitch channel.

Later, we attended the presentation of Kitsune Manga. The editor began by talking about her news for next year. Starting with the well-known license of Midori, Cinderella from the Hospital, a popular slice of life signed by Arai Mamare, Kitsune Manga reveals the isekai And, And, And, Bear.


Next, we attend the interview of Waka Hirako, which had been prerecorded for the author’s personal reasons. He spoke of his work My Broken Mariko, his inspirations and his drawing technique.

On the other hand, the presentation of Kame Kame Editions, who showed and talked about the first issue of his magazine. A magazine that has different manga stories, made by Spanish authors. The video of this presentation will also be available shortly through our YouTube channel.

blood moon

After this, another meeting took place that filled the room of assistants. It was about the Q&A with Wade Otaku & Drawill, manga authors Blood Moon. Wade Otaku it’s a Youtuber specialized in anime followed by many young otaku, while Drawill is a cartoonist and manga writer. They both started publishing this series with Editorial Standard, who stated that the work was having very good sales during the event.

At the same time as this meeting, the Vermouth Viejotaku with Marc Bernabé, Oriol Estrada, Manu Guerrero, from Select Vision, and Oscar Brave, from Editorial Standard. During the talk, they were remembering and telling anecdotes from old manga salons, all accompanied by a bottle of vermouth.

To end the morning, we had the opportunity to interview Kenny Ruiz, author of Team Phoenix and Two swords, among other works. The artist was telling us about his experience working for Tezuka Productions and about projects that you would like to take up again in the future.

At the beginning of the afternoon, the conference on the anime channel in Catalan took place 3XL, which you can also see on our YouTube channel through the following link. At the same time, we were also able to attend the tribute to Kentaro Miura, with Orios Estrada, Alejandro Martinez, responsible for the manga line of the publisher Panini Manga, and Daniel Rodriguez, editor-in-chief of the magazine Otaku Bunka.

At 4:00 p.m., we had the opportunity to interview Annabel Sword and Oscar Valiente, from Editorial Standard. During the meeting, they gave us information about the editions of their novelties, they showed us the edition of Tokyo Revengers and they even told us that they have already licensed another manga about cats that will be announced soon.

Later, the interview with Manu Guerrero from Selecta Visión took place. In the interview, Manu spoke about various titles and taught the physical edition of Guardians of the Night Season 1 Part 2 and the physical collector’s edition of Infinity Train. You can access a summary of the interview in this link and remember, once again, that all our interviews are available through the channel of Twitch.

To end the day, we were also able to attend the anime conference shojosei with Joy Jimenez and Laia Folch from Pro Shojo Spain and Raúl Izquierdo, from Milky Way Editions. In the talk, a review was made about the animes shô josei that had reached Spanish television, either through private and / or regional channels from the 70s to the present day. You can also see the conference recorded on our channel Youtube.

With this, the 27 Manga Barcelona comes to an end. We still had a little time to walk around a stand and continue frikeando and enjoying the event until the last minute. Without a doubt a different Manga Barcelona, ​​lighter due to the circumstances, but at the same time very intense. The lack of presence of some Japanese publishers and authors were some of the things that were missed the most, but, once again, Ficomic has been able to fill in and complete its schedule with online meetings with Japanese authors and with a wide variety of conferences on disparate and interesting topics.

It should also be noted that the Auditorium has been showing films throughout the event, such as Belle by Mamoru Hosoda, and that it will continue to do so until November 11 even though the event has already closed its doors.

Thus, after a year without a face-to-face event, this edition of Manga Barcelona leaves a very good taste in the mouth, with 80% of the attendees who were counted in 2019. Surely the attendees were amazed by the experience, just like us that, once again, we enjoyed it as dwarves, both those who were present and those who were in the distance.