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Chronicle of the second day at 27 Manga Barcelona

Today, Saturday October 30, began the second and great day of the Hall. After a good breakfast and some coffees, we started to work waiting for what this great day full of conferences and presentations would bring us. Still, we do not wait as long as it came to offer this day that will be remembered by all manga and anime fans.

We started the morning from Madrid and Japan, where our colleagues had the opportunity to interview online Toei Animation. The interview to Takashi Washio (executive director and producer of Toei Animation), Yu Kaminoki (producer of Toei Animation) and Hiroshi Miyamoto (director of ABC Animation) was held on the occasion of the screening in the Auditorium of the Fira Barcelona at 15: 00h from Hug! PreCure Futari wa Pretty Cure: All Stars Memories. This film is special because it has 55 heroines, which make the animated film fall within the Record Guinness of the movie with the largest number of magical warriors on a single tape. During the interview, the directors responded to questions asked about how the film was made and production issues. You can access the summary of the interview at this link.

After this, we return to Barcelona and from 10.00 am we had the presentations of Ooso Comics and Editorial Fandogamia. In addition to presenting its novelties for the Show, Ooso Cómics announced the license of Himitsu Sentai Goranger de Shotaro Ishinomori. On the other hand, Fandogamia Editorial also began by presenting its saloneras novelties and announced the license of a new shôjo for your catalog: Majo senpai Nippou from Maka Mochiday consists of two volumes. In addition, the Valencian publishing house will also publish Demon Quest online and totally free in the Fanternet section of your website. To see the summary of the presentation of both publishers you can click on the following links: Ooso Cómics and Fandogamia Editorial.

Later, we had the opportunity to attend the conference The origins of BL by the hand of Pro Shojo Spain and Laura (Hidefan), editor of Editions Fujur. In the talk, the beginnings of the male romance manga, its terminology, and different points of view about this demographic were discussed.

Then came the batch of editorial presentations, which was full of surprises for the attendees. First of all we attended the presentation of Tomodomo Editions with the translator Ana Caro and in direct connection as Japan with the editorial director, Alina. The editors spoke about their news and commented on how well they were doing with the picture books as their most recent publication, Houses with history, which is launched exclusively with an illustration that the author himself has made for the event. They then announced two new licenses. The first was the manga of Nights from Kou Yonesa, author of Pájaro que trina no vuela, while the second was another picture book, Ikanetsu from Daisuke Richard, author not yet published in Spain. Alina also announced during the presentation that many more surprises are expected next year, only that they have preferred to announce for the moment those that will be published in the coming months.

Once this presentation was finished, the conference took place with Carlos Subero from Milky Way Ediciones, who announced twelve new licenses as soon as they started. This battery of forthcoming publications includes works of all kinds of genres: horror, romance, drama, fantasy, suspense … To see in detail what these works and their synopsis have been, you can follow the following link.

Once Carlos Subero finished speaking, it was Norma Editorial’s turn. At the presentation, the publisher brought a copy of Tokyo Revengers for attendees to browse. In addition, he taught what the edition of Utena would be like and Sailor Moon Eternal Edition and announced that the winner of this year’s Norma contest is Okasan by Joan C. However, the conference did not end here, but also announced a good batch of news. You can check all of them at this link.

In any case, the highlight of the event came right after with the presentation of Planeta Cómic. The publisher began by presenting the news and stating that its best-selling novelties in this edition were Haikyû !!, which has become the best-selling book of the week in Spain, Asadora!, Naoki Urasawa: Official Guide and Tokyo Girls, among other. After this, they went on to their battery of licenses where they showed off some works that readers and more fans wanted to see published in this country, such as the great bombshell. The Adventures of Fly. But that was not all, the publisher also announced a good batch of titles of all kinds of demographics and genres, which you can consult at this link.

Finally, highlighting the talk took place while Planeta Cómic snatched the hearts of its readers. The Manga and Other Vignettes team gave a lecture on the subject of mental health in manga and how awareness of different types of mental conditions evolved in Japan. All the conferences we attended today will be available tomorrow on our YouTube channel, thanks to which you can also enjoy them.

With this we conclude on Saturday, a day that has undoubtedly left a very good taste in the mouth. However, we are already preparing for tomorrow, as we are sure that it will not be a day to be left behind either.