Cinema. ‘The man from the north’, the viking revenge

Far from the vision of the Vikings that Richard Fleischer offered in 1958, Robert Eggers now signs a brutal film, with clear Shakespearean overtones (even the protagonist is called Amleth), where blood and revenge run and do matter.

Two and a quarter hours of shocking, immersive, energetic, stimulating and almost hypnotic. A great work of style supported by a vigorously powerful and well-told story. It is also a new look at action, epic and adventure cinema but with a good touch and excellent performances thanks to its powerful cast.

Eggers, the filmmaker responsible for two interesting previous titles such as The lighthouse (2019) and The Witch: A New England Legend (2015), has known how to turn the way of understanding Viking cinema, not only from the making, but also as a screenwriter. north man takes up the Viking legends of the 10th century, in Iceland, where a Nordic prince, advised and provoked by his mother, gathers a group of violent and sadistic warriors to accompany him on his divine mission, to avenge the death of his father at the hands of the leader of an enemy group that has taken refuge in the vicinity of his island.

special atmosphere

To give greater realism to the ferocity of the images, the North American filmmaker from New Hampshire does not mess around with surrounding or intuiting shots. No. He is going to catch the viewer with an artistic, iconographic and photographic experiment while he creates a particular atmosphere that is accompanied by some turns that, although they can be foreseen, give him an air of raw and visceral experience. That is to say, what is usually contrary to the usual ‘soft’ action cinema to which we are accustomed.

In addition, for this it takes advantage of a very ‘Nordic’ cast. There are the Swedish Alexander Skarsgård, the Icelandic Björk or the Danish Claes Bang, accompanied by Nicole Kidman, Anya Taylor-Joy, Willem Dafoe and Ethan Hawke. All waiting to enter Valhalla after epic and savage fights, laced with abundant testosterone and epic visions of the cosmos on fire.

The man from the north is a very different film than what is usual. Maybe that’s why it marks a new course. We’ll see if it’s the north one.

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