Cloud’s voice in Final Fantasy VII Remake and Rebirth could be low when his infidelity is discovered

Bad news for fans of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Y Final Fantasy 7 Rebirththe voice of cloudstrife in the games (Takahiro Sakurai) could be jeopardized by discovering its infidelity of 10 years.

The information comes partly thanks to the user @aitaikimochi since it is a well-known voice in games and anime, but it could be a season off or we will know.

In addition to games, he is the voice of Suguru Geto in jujutsu kaisenArataka Reigen in Mob Psycho 100Griffith in certain adaptations of Berserk, Lan Di in ShenmueGiyū Tomioka in Kimetsu no YaibaYu Kanda in D.Gray-Man or Suzaku Kururugi in Code Geass.

Takahiro Sakurai, notable voice actor of many anime and video game characters -including Cloud Strife- was allegedly caught with an infidelity with a screenwriter despite being married“, reads Audrey’s tweet.

We do not continue translating the original tweet since there is an error that she herself corrects a few answers later. “It is unclear if this will affect his future roles as a voice actor.“.

In a reply to this tweet he comments: “Japanese talent usually goes on hiatus when these kinds of scandals happen, there are cases where they leave the industry completely“.

Would Final Fantasy VII Rebirth also be the rebirth of Cloud’s voice?

A more recent incident with Tatsuhisa Suzuki, who was also caught cheating and broke an NDA, saw a year-long hiatus and all of his roles replaced.“.

He is Ban on Nanatsu no TaizaiMakoto in Free!Draken in tokyo avengers or Prosciutto in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5. At the moment the hashtags #FF7R, #声優変更 (voice change), #クラウド (Cloud) and #櫻井さん (Sakurai-san) are trending in Japan.

Right now because fans are wondering if Cloud is going to change his voice in future Final Fantasy VII Remake games.” or in animes, since the animated adaptations also his voice.


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – announcement trailer PS5

The scandals in Japan are a very big good thing, so only time will tell“, the next few weeks or days may be crucial in this story.

@aitaikimochi left his error corrected in the last answer: “He has cheated on his wife of 10 years with the writer of his own radio show.

He has been married to another voice actress for almost 20 years, but their marriage was only made official as of last September 2022.“.

A user tells him that he expects to see zero impact from this controversy and the negative responses in the FF7 community.

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Although she replies: “Well it is possible that if a hiatus goes away this can cause a delay in future releases since they would have to find a replacement“.

Though Final Fantasy VII Rebirth could be separated much more from the plot of the original game It is not going to remove anything already knownat the moment it is not expected until Christmas 2023.

do you think that Cloud’s voice in Final Fantasy VII Remake and Rebirth (Takahiro Sakurai) could be low when his infidelity is discovered?