Comic Barcelona changes the bases of its award after criticism from authors

The organizing entity of the show Comic BarcelonaFicomic, has changed the rules of its Grand Prix after the rejection of a hundred authors to the granting of award to Antonio Martin in the last edition of the show, for not be a cartoonist or screenwriterbut editor and researcher.

The show’s content advisor, Borja Crespo, pointed out this Tuesday that, although there are authors who have declined to attend the next edition (of the May 6 to 8) as a sign of disagreement, others do appear on the poster and had never visited it, and even some who had signed the statement everyone does what they want.

“Ficomic seems to be the center of the hurricane, which denotes its importance at the state level. We must keep it as a nerve center where many things happen around comics,” he opined.

Return to face-to-face

The 40th edition of the Comic Barcelona fair, which will be held from this friday to sunday at the Montjuïc venue in Barcelona Fairwill focus on Spanish authors and hopes to recover the number of visitors from the last face-to-face edition, that of 2019.

At a press conference on Tuesday, the general director of the Federation of Professional Comic Institutions (Ficomic), Meritxell Puig, highlighted the “effort to keep the comic alive” that the organization has undertaken during the years in which the event has had to be carried out electronically.

200 exhibitors at Montjuïc

Puig has pointed out that the number of exhibitors –about 200 in total, of which 180 from publishers and bookstores– is similar to that of 2019, with which, he hopes, the nearly 118,000 visitors of that edition will be able to be maintained.

Although the use of a mask will no longer be mandatory, Puig has indicated that the organization recommends it given the influx of public in the 48,000 square meters of the venue, but the Fira de Barcelona pavilions have the necessary security and air renewal measures , has said.

The organization has especially highlighted the exhibitions that the program contains: one on the 40 years of the show, with chronological information on artists, samples and anecdotes, with a selection of ambient photographs.

Samples and round tables

In parallel, there will be an exhibition on the evolution of the world of comics since the first edition of the fair, proposing a historical view of the changes that the discipline has undergone, and both will be complemented by several round tables.

Samples will be dedicated to the cartoonist Miguel Gallardo, creator of Makoki, deceased last February; to the Catalan illustrator Aroha Throughwho has collaborated with Thursday and with the humorist Ignatius Farray and won the prize for the revelation author of the last edition of Comic Barcelona; and to the 40th anniversary of the Joso School.


Comic Barcelona has highlighted that it has more guests than in any other edition, and the organization has wanted to highlight Spanish authors: “Authorship will be the center”, has maintained the content advisor, Borja Crespo.

Thus, the contest will have Álvaro Ortiz, Ana Penyas, Borja González, Cristina Durán, David Muñoz, Diana Franco, Diego Salgado, Elisa McCausland, Elisabeth Karin, Emma Ríos, Fermín Solís, Fran Galán, Irene Márquez, José Luis Ágreda, Laia Ferraté, Laura Pérez, Lola Lorente, Magius, Manuel Álvarez, Mayte Alvarado, Miguel Ángel Giner, Miguel Ángel Martín, Paco Alcázar, Paco Roca, Pedro Mañas, Raquel Riba Rossy, Santiago Sequeiros, Sara Soler, Stelladia and Teresa Valero.

The lineup is completed by film directors Pablo Berger and Alberto Vázquez, cosplayers Kaity and CrismmaWorkshop, political activist Dominique Grange and screenwriter David Galán Galindo.


The hall has reserved spaces for sections such as Comic Kids, for the public between 5 and 12 years old, with drawing workshops, comics, exhibitions, projections and meetings with authors.

Comic Fantasy will be a new section that will expose the relationship with role-playing games, board games and the worlds proposed by the science fiction and fantasy genres, with games and live role-playing (humans against zombies).

The Comic Vision section, also new as it should have been released in 2020, explores the connections between the world of comics and the audiovisual world, and will have screenings of films, documentaries and anime, with titles such as ‘The Haunted House on the Cape’ and ‘Tokyo revengers’.

Finally, the professional zone, called Comic PRO, will be the networking space to connect the comic industry with publishers and international agents.