Comics, a genre that goes beyond text

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Buscalibre, the largest online bookstore in Latin America, unveiled the impact of comics and graphic novels on the literary industry, which are texts that have the particularity of being able to reach different ages and satisfy the literary tastes of an audience diverse.

According to data from MarketResearchthe size of the comic book market in Latin America was 110.7 million dollars in 2020, and it is projected that in 2026 it will reach 142.34 million dollars.

For this, the annual growth rate is expected to be close to 4.18%, a very promising figure for all those who participate in this industry in the region.

“Comics have been part of people’s lives for more than a hundred years and have been recognized for their great cultural addition to current literature. This way of telling stories has a long list of titles full of diversity, color and creativity. In Mexico we have sold more than 3 thousand units that belong to this category in 2022, presenting an increase in its consumption in recent years and being a great support for the long production chain that involves writers, illustrators and publishers”, comments Andrés Baldrich, Country Manager of Buscalibre for Mexico.

Within this wide variety of titles, some of the categories most loved by readers are:

  • The classics: There are comics that never go out of style and that have marked the childhood of millions of people, such as The Adventures of Tintin, Asterix or the comical situations of Condorito. Some authors like Quino, creator of Mafalda, have had such an impact for decades that they have established themselves as a great reference in Latin American culture. Currently, readers can enjoy special and commemorative editions that have come to remember and collect.
  • Superheros: Since the middle of the last century, superhero magazines have captivated people’s imaginations and today they have been a huge trend in the world of entertainment. The large number of characters created largely by Marvel or DC marked a before and after in the industry, taking this narrative form to a world full of action and possibilities.
  • graphic novels: Aimed at a more adult audience, they deal with psychological issues, historical situations or criticism of different parts of society. Persepolis, Maus or Sin City have been among the most recognized titles within the genre worldwide.

“Many of the classics of literature such as The Diary of Anne Frank, 1984, Pride and Prejudice, among others, have been adapted to this format with the aim that through a much more visual format, another type of audience is captivated. and take literature beyond words”, adds Andrés Baldrich.

  • sleeves: Originally from Japan, they have a characteristic format and illustration that have generated a great impact in the production of animated series. From the most classic ones like Gundam, Neogenesis Evangelion or Dragon Ball, to the most contemporary ones like Attack on Titan, Tokyo Revengers or Demon Slayer, manga cover a wide variety of genres such as science fiction, romance, horror or fantasy. , becoming one of the genres most consumed by the new generations.

“Promoting literature has been one of our objectives at Buscalibre, and we have seen how comics turn out to be a great way to reach different audiences and attract new readers to the world of letters. Many of us began to read through comic strips in newspapers or comic magazines of all kinds, taking an important place in our memory and childhood. Currently, in the category of Graphic Novels, Comic Books, Cartoons of our platform, we have more than 80 thousand titles available for comic book lovers to find their favorites”, concludes Andrés Baldrich, Country Manager of Buscalibre for Mexico.