Comics (fumetti) are the category of best-selling books in Italy in the year 2021

In 2021, 115.6 million books were sold in Italy, 18% more than in 2020. The category in which the fumetti are found, sold more than 11 million copies according to the IEA

The comics, smoker in Italian, have been very successful on the transalpine market last year, since, according to data from the Italian Publishers Association (IEA, Italian Publishing Association), sold more than 11 million copies, with an increase of 134% compared to 2020 (4.7 million copies sold). The largest number of works sold, were thanks to the Manga such as: demon slayer (Guardians of the night), My Hero Academia, tokyo avengers, one piece or jujutsu kaisen (Jujutsu Kaisen – War of Sorcerers).

Best-selling literary genres in Italy 2021 (IEA)

By number of sales, in 2021, the 11 million copies from fumetti were located in first place (on 2020 were the quarters), with 9.2 million foreign fiction (first in 2020), in third place was children’s literature with 8.5 million books sold (second category in 2020); off the podium was Italian narrative with 5.4 million (third in 2020), biographies and autobiographies were fifth with 3.7 million copies, followed by family and wellness books (1.7 million) and games (0.2 million).


Inside of the top 10 sales of books, in ninth place was the fumetto titled: The story of the quarterthe second volume inspired by the youtuber lyon gamerwritten by David Costa and drawn by Emanuele Virzì. volume one, Lyon: the story of the mysteryhad already been a success in 2020.

The Italian book market

Book sales generated 1.7 billion euros in Italy, with 115.6 million copies sold, 18% more than in 2020. These data confirm Italy as the sixth largest publisher in the world, after the US, China, Germany, UK and France. The increase experienced by Italy of 16% is the second largest in Europe, only surpassed by France and Spaintied for first place.


In 2021 all genres had growth, being exceptional that of the macro category of the fumetti, progressing 37.2%. Online bookstores maintained their growth and traditional physical ones began their recovery after the stoppage caused by the pandemic, remaining the preferred place for readers to buy books, with a market share of 51.5%. Online bookstores had a 43.5% market share and the remaining 5% was that of large distributors.

The list of the best-selling comics in Italy in February 2022

1 to 10

Le più belle storie a surprise (Storie a fumetti -Saf-Vol. 43)
Le più belle storie di Paperinik (Saf Vol. 50)
L’Inferno di Topolino: e altre storie inspired by Dante Alighieri (Laf Vol. 6)
Macerie Prime
Ogni maledetto lunedì his due
The Armadillo Prophecy
Le più belle storie sull’Antica Roma (Saf Vol. 6)
Le più belle storie da ridere (Saf Vol. 44)
Kobane Calling
Le più belle storie in Cucina (Saf Vol. 12)

11 to 20

Le più belle storie Horror (Saf Vol. 3)
Tu Sei il Più Bel Colore del Mondo
One Piece 51: Digital Edition
Le più belle storie Mitologiche (Saf Vol. 22)
Giorni: A designed diary – Gennaio (I Liberi Vol. 1)
Le più belle storie. Papershow (Saf Vol. 60)
Le più belle storie in Giallo (Saf Vol. 4)
Le più belle storie reali (Saf Vol. 48)
Le più belle storie del Rinascimento (Saf Vol. 41)