Criticism rains towards the end of Tokyo Revengers — Kudasai

The article “Criticism Rains Down Towards the End of Tokyo Revengers” includes spoilers about the Tokyo Revengers manga franchise. Viewer discretion is advised.

After a long journey of around five years, the manga written and illustrated by ken wakui, tokyo avengersIt’s just one chapter away from the end. However, the wait for the final chapter is not really being very positive, since fans have a lot to say about the final twist that the story had in its most recent chapter, stating that “the series went to shit.”

So what is it that has fans so upset and why? The complaints on the direction of the series’ story they began when the author announced the beginning of the final arc of Tokyo Avengers. Because the previous arc had finished perfectly, most did not understand the author’s need to continue the story. All loose ends had been resolved and Takemichi’s main objective, saving Hina, had been completed. But now the protagonist had decided to jump back in time to save Mikey.

Criticism was not long in coming, assuring that the new direction of the story was completely forced, and that the series should have already ended with the previous arc. The situation did not improve at all when the car began to introduce new characters and kill old ones.

Although the complaints did not resonate as much as one would think, everyone exploded with the most recent chapter, that is, the penultimate. Thanks to a series of tricks about time travel, all the conflicts in the series were resolved in a single chapter, that is, the story was resolved in only fifteen pages. The problem could not be more obvious. Everything the series had built was resolved through a series of time travels that, according to fans who have followed the series week after week, make no sense at all.

It’s not just the fact that all the characters and problems are “fixed”, but the huge plot holes that remain after a completely rushed ending. Many of the friendships formed throughout the series were put to the test, and the fact that Takemichi and Mikey have “reset” everything not only erases all character developmentInstead, it raises a new question for fans: “What the hell is Takemichi doing there in the first place?”

Now, knowing that “history was restarted” and that it is like reading the first chapters and then skipping to the last one without, practically, missing a thing, fans of the franchise are understandably upset by this twist, as over 200 chapters of plot, character development, and more were erased in a single chapter.

Some others even call it as “Disney-style ending”, in which everyone has a happy ending and even comes back to life. However, there are of course others who applaud this decision, pointing out that a happy ending is more than well deserved for Takemichi, whatever it may be.

Now, the leaks of the final chapter of the work confirm what many already knew: For the final chapter there is nothing left to resolve, but the wedding between Hina and Takemichi is expected in the presence of all the characters in the franchise. We can also note Draken (revived) and Emma as a married couple, and even expecting a child. With an ending full of obvious flaws for some, it’s still nice to see a work end and maintain the shonen trend of “no one dies here.”

Criticism rains towards the end of Tokyo Revengers — Kudasai

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