Crunchyroll Anime Awards: Ranking The Best Antagonists Of 2021

The Crunchyroll Anime Awards are back and voting is underway. Many fans are surprised to see the categories and the animes that are eligible for them. The categories change every year, but there are many that are constant, such as Best Anime and Best Score. Just like last year, Crunchyroll is offering the Best Antagonist category for fans to vote on. There are six applicants, all of them from a wide variety of series. Many fans were surprised to see the different options, as there are some obvious contenders and others that went unnoticed.

Rest assured, many fans are more comfortable with the current selection for Best Antagonist, as there is no obvious choice, unlike last year’s awards. When Ryomen Sukuna was introduced as Best Antagonist of 2020, it was obvious that he was going to win. However, that’s not the case for 2021, leaving many fans in suspense as they wait for their favorite antagonist to get the recognition he deserves.

6 Yano speaks in rap (Odd Taxi)

Odd Taxi it is considered one of the undervalued gems of last year. Many fans are probably wondering what the show is about and who Yano is. What makes Yano interesting is that he seems to speak mainly in rap when communicating. The most shocking thing about Yano is that he’s not even really an animal.

Odd’s biggest plot twistTaxi is revealed near the end of the series: Odd’s protagonist Taxi, Hiroshi Odokawa, has been hallucinating people like animals since his childhood. This plot twist made many fans sympathize with Yano, despite being a villain and yakuza thug.

5 Ainosuke Shindo roba el espectáculo (SK8 The Infinity)1643276614 397 Crunchyroll Anime Awards Ranking The Best Antagonists Of 2021.webp

SK8 The Infinity is another series that went unnoticed by many anime fans. The series falls into the sports genre as it focuses on skating, but those who have seen it have found it very compelling and interesting. The animation is clean and the story usually excites the fans.

Ainosuke Shindo, also known as Adam, is an interesting character as he leads a double life as a skater and as a politician. He doesn’t hold back when he skates and is extremely ruthless. He doesn’t even care if his opponents get injured. He is also very sure of himself and his abilities, always making a grand entrance to steal everyone’s attention.

4 Tetta Kisaki Wants To Be The Best (Tokyo Revengers)1643276615 61 Crunchyroll Anime Awards Ranking The Best Antagonists Of 2021.webp

Tokyo Revengers is a time travel series that was one of the biggest anime of 2021. Unfortunately for many fans, the anime is not in the running for anime of the year. Luckily, the antagonist of this series is getting recognition. Kisaki definitely fits the definition of the word “villain”. He is a ruthless person who only cares about himself.

He does not care or listen to superiors and even intimidates them with fear. His goal in life is to become the most powerful criminal in Tokyo and his bewildering personality plays a big role in achieving this goal. Of course, Kisaki doesn’t lead through fear alone. He also has a level of charm, winning people over willingly to serve under him.

3 Tomura Shigaraki finally proves his worth (My Hero Academia)1643276615 495 Crunchyroll Anime Awards Ranking The Best Antagonists Of 2021.webp

Tomura Shigaraki, in the current season of My Hero Academia, has finally proven to be not only a fearsome villain, but also respected. Fans who were originally disappointed by Shigaraki in previous seasons now respect him and are more intrigued. Shigaraki has finally come out of his shell, becoming far more powerful than he ever was with his Quirk. It has also been able to triumph over the Meta Liberation Army.

In the most recent season, Shigaraki has shown that he is capable of being a leader who can rule with fear. Of course, he continues to keep his promises and take care of the subordinates who have worked with him since the beginning. Ultimately, Shigaraki is only beginning to pave the way to show why he’s worthy of being the main antagonist of My Hero Academia.

2 Echidna Is The Definition Of Greed (Re:Zero)1643276615 789 Crunchyroll Anime Awards Ranking The Best Antagonists Of 2021.webp

Many fans were intrigued by Echidna. Some wondered if she really was an antagonist at all. Re: Zero, as she is too playful and sometimes even helpful towards the main character, Subaru. Her demeanor is calm, but as the story progresses, both the audience and Subaru slowly begin to see Echidna’s dual nature.

However, many find it hard to see her as an antagonist, as she only wanted to help Subaru in exchange for learning more about his “Return by Death” ability. Echidna is also known as the Witch of Greed, and it’s interesting for fans to see how she fits into the role, always interested and hungry for more information. He is a very curious character, but his dual personality cannot be overlooked. He always tries to get what he wants.

1 Eren Jaeger se venga (Attack On Titan)1643276615 136 Crunchyroll Anime Awards Ranking The Best Antagonists Of 2021.webp

As a protagonist turned antagonist, Eren Jaeger is up for not only Best Antagonist, but also Best Lead. Many fans were surprised to see him in both categories of the Crunchyroll Anime Awards, as it is something unreleased before the current time slots. It is true that Eren is both the antagonist and the protagonist of Attack on Titan.

Fans watch in horror as he takes revenge on Marley and even loses the trust of his friends as he hid a secret plan throughout the story. But in the end, Attack on Titan is the story of Eren and fans can see how Eren became the antagonist of the story. Everything he does is to protect his friends and fellow citizens. Despite all the horrible things he did, fans sympathize with him and understand why he wants revenge on Marley.