Crunchyroll launches beta web version to users around the world

The company described it as a ‘web experience’ and it was introduced to US users in early 2021, and now users around the world can access the new design, new features for better customization and better visibility of dubbed content. In different languages.

The full list of new features within Crunchyroll Beta includes:

  • A new user interface within the Crunchyroll homepage, including personalized recommendations and seamless navigation to watchlists or specific pages of shows or episodes.
  • Improved Personalization: International Crunchyroll users can now find personalized anime recommendations right from the home page, specifically tailored to their unique viewing histories. Users can also add more anime flair to their experience through a curated library of avatars and header images featuring their favorite series, including JUJUTSU KAISEN, Tokyo Revengers, Dr. STONE, Bananya and more.
  • Enhanced Discovery Tool – Fans can more easily access new and existing dubs, explore different genres, find current simulcasts and popular anime titles through the improved search and filter feature. In addition to the new search bar, Crunchyroll will continue to offer curated collections in all regions, handpicked by local Crunchyroll anime experts.
  • Crunchylists Availability Expansion: This new feature allows fans to create a curated collection of their favorite anime series. Fans can add a title to their unique Crunchylist creations, add any series, or select episodes from Crunchyroll’s collection of over 1,000 series and organize their Crunchylist however they want.

To experience Crunchyroll Beta, eligible Crunchyroll users can choose to participate through the header images or pop-ups that appear on the Crunchyroll website. For starters, Crunchyroll Beta is available to 10 percent of premium and free users, and will eventually be available to all premium subscribers and all free users worldwide outside of Asia for the next several weeks.

Fans can switch between the beta and Crunchyroll Classic experience if they wish and are encouraged to share their feedback.