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Crunchyroll news presentation summary

During the Japan Weekend Madrid 2022, Crunchyroll He made his news presentation. The representatives of Spain started the on-demand streaming platform dedicated to anime began the fall season of 2022. A season full of great releases such as My Hero Academia – Season 6the second part of the first season of spy x Familia, the second season of Pop Team Epic, chainsaw man either Blue-Lock. You can consult all the animes that will offer Crunchyroll this fall in simulcast format through the following News.

fall 2022 crunchyroll season highlights

Moving on to the ads. Crunchyroll advertise new Spanish dubs, highlighting above all the great support they have received from the fans. They have confirmed that the first part of the first season of SPY×FAMILY will receive weekly dubbed chapters starting on October 15thwhile the first season tokyo avengers will receive weekly chapters with dubbing starting on October the 17th. As if that were not enough, in November the first season of TEnsei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (That time I turned into slime) with Spanish dubbing. In addition, they reveal that they are working on several animes with Spanish dubbing and that they will announce the distribution of the series announced through their social networks.

At the moment, in Spain it is early for the simuldub comment those responsible for. There are other countries that have been with this format for longer, so they will continue to see the support of the fans to be able to end up offering this type of premieres with dubbing.

Also, during question time, Crunchyroll He has commented that they are not a distributor of physical editions. But they make it clear that if they have the license it does not mean that another physical distributor cannot release those series.