Crunchyroll, the anime streaming app, is now available on Nintendo Switch

The Crunchyroll application, a platform specialized in streaming anime, is now freely available on nintendo switch. You can enjoy its content with the console in its dock to watch it on television, in portable mode or even in desktop mode to comfortably share the broadcast with several viewers.

“The Nintendo Switch app supports offline viewing”, highlights Crunchyroll. “With your Mega Fan plan you can take your anime on your Nintendo Switch wherever you want without having to worry about the connection”, that is, downloading the episodes or movies in advance. “And yes, it also supports the anime viewing in free mode with advertisingso you can watch the anime the way you want on your console.”

The service is advertised as access to hundreds of titles in multiple languages ​​including the most recent hits like Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, JUJUTSU KAISEN, My Hero Academia and tokyo avengers. “You can also enjoy classics like one piece, naruto shippuden, Hunter x Hunter, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and many more. You can’t miss our Crunchyroll Originals critically acclaimed“.

Crunchyroll includes a 14 day free trial for Crunchyroll Premium with the following benefits:

  • Whithout ads.
  • New episodes one hour after Japan.
  • Offline viewing. The use of a microSD card is recommended for the best experience.

The platform was acquired by Sony in 2020

Sony Pictures Entertainment I bought Crunchyroll a little over a year ago. Crunchyroll offers anime on demand alongside the Japanese premiere, either free with advertising or through a paid subscription with a higher quality image. It also distributes manga, merchandising and even mobile games. It has been rumored that the platform will be integrated into one of the PS Plus options that will form the service that PlayStation prepares.