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Many reserve these Christmas days to enjoy interesting books / AR

Dolores Redondo, Cristina Campos and Pedro Martín-Romo are among the most read, as well as Luz Gabás, Almudena Grandes, Juan Gómez-Jurado and Santiago Lorenzo

This Christmas, in the peace of many homes, there will also be intensity and suspense with thrillers such as ‘Waiting for the Flood’, by Dolores Redondo, which leads sales in Ciudad Real bookstores, along with the two titles honored this year by the Planeta Award. In Ruiz Morote, they are on par in terms of preferences, while in Serendipia the finalist, ‘Historias de mujeres casadas’, by Cristina Campos, is somewhat ahead of the winner ‘Far from Louisiana’, by Luz Gabás.

Another book of intrigue that will shrink the stomach, something not entirely bad in view of the upcoming incitements to Christmas binge, will be ‘Everything burns’ with the “impossible revenge” of the three protagonists of the latest installment by Juan Gómez-Jurado, while a A good number of reading fans will opt for ‘Todo va a mejorar’, the posthumous novel by Almudena Grandes.

Books are an unbeatable gift option for Christmas / Carlos Díaz-Pinto

Among local authors, the second mystery novel by Pedro Martín-Romo, ‘Las ánimas de las ahorcadas’, has climbed to the third position in sales in Serendipia, and in the Litec bookstore stands out the interest aroused by ‘Purging the neighbor: pride, greed and revenge’, a book published by Almud de Juan Carlos Buitrago Oliver on the repression in Ciudad Real during the Civil War and the postwar period.

Another of the titles that is causing a sensation this year-end, largely thanks to the success of his previous installment ‘Los asquerosos’, is the new work by Santiago Lorenzo, ‘Tostonazo’, sold out in various bookstores this Saturday with overtones of restocking More copies immediately.

News and classics coexist among preferences / Carlos Díaz-Pinto

Nor are they far behind in terms of preferences to savor the pleasure of reading during the Christmas holidays, works that have been in the top ten of 2022 such as ‘Las madres’, the fourth issue of the series ‘La novia gitana’ by Carmen Mola ; ‘Revolution’, by Arturo Pérez Reverte; and ‘The Alaska Sanders case’, by Joël Dicker.

Karlos Arguiñano could not be missing at Christmas, this time with ‘Fast and delicious cooking’; The poems, instant reflections and micorrelatos extracted from the networks and gathered in ‘Los abrazos lentos’ by Elisabet Benavent are having an excellent acceptance; he maintains the ‘legion’ of his followers Lorenzo Silva with ‘La llama de Focea’; ‘Los incomprendidos’, by Pedro Simón, continues to generate great empathy; and in poetry he continues to lead the list ‘One year and three months’, by Luis García Montero dedicated to Almudena Grandes.

Espacio ZZ exhibits a careful selection of literary proposals / Carlos Díaz-Pinto

In the Espacio ZZ bookstore, with proposals of excellent quality that are far from the most commercial, ‘Tostonazo’ also triumphs and among the most in-demand titles are works such as ‘Of beasts and birds’, by Pilar Adón; ‘Dysphoria mundi’, by Paul B. Preciado; ‘The herederas’, by Aixa de la Cruz, and ‘Lo que hay’, by Sara Torres; as well as ‘Montevideo’, Enrique Vila-Matas; and ‘The Event’, by the 2022 Nobel Prize winner for Literature, Annie Ernaux.

Works by the Romanian writer Mircea Cărtărescu, who has sounded on several occasions for the Nobel Prize, and ‘released’ in very careful editions of Blackie Books such as ‘The Iliad’ and ‘The Odyssey’, as well as the poetry of Manuel Vilas, are found, as well itself, among the main literary ‘delights’ that are acquired in Espacio ZZ.

You have to get the title right / Carlos Díaz-Pinto

As for children, series of pop-up books such as Pipa and Otto and the adventures of Anna Kadabra are among the most popular, as well as, in Serendipity, titles such as ‘The Christmas Pig’, by JK Rowling; and the sagas of ‘Los Compas’ and ‘Mike’s Perrerías’.

A wide section of customers opt for comic / AR


Regarding comics, in Zona 84 the manga titles ‘Tokyo Revengers’ and ‘My Hero Academia’ hit hard, the youth graphic novel ‘Heartstopper’ by the British Alice Oseman has a great pull; and the works of Alan Moore such as ‘From hell’, ‘Watchmen’ and ‘Batman’ preserve their fascinating capacity for attraction in American comics, while in Europe titles such as the new edition of ‘Hijos de la Alhambra’ stand out. The trips of Alexandre Ícaro’, by Paco Roca; the adaptation of ‘The patients of doctor García’, directed by Claudio Stassi based on the novel by Almudena Grandes; and ‘El fuego’, by David Rubín; in addition to titles with great pull published by Serendipia such as ‘Paz’ and ‘Mil Brujas’.