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Demon Gaze EXTRA announced for PC

the publishing company Clouded Leopard Entertainment announced last Friday the launch of Demon Gaze EXTRA in pc the next April 26. The updated version of the classic dungeon crawler will only come in format digital through the platform Steam and will have texts Y voices in English. This title is now available at Playstation 4 Y switch through its digital stores.

This new version of the classic video game released in 2013 has a renewed graphic aspectan new system combat more accessible and history enlarged. In addition, it has new functions such as the possibility of increasing the speed of combat, the option of retry a confrontation from the beginning and an exploration mode automatic improved. The option to unlock new jobs for the characters has also been included and unique items have been added that are unlocked by completing the main story.

Demon Gaze EXTRA will have an edition premium digital which will include the DLC Tons of Fun! Perfect Gem Set containing a total of 333 gems and the digital soundtrack. Also, if the purchase is made before the May 9 From 2022 the game will also include a healing staff and gem armor set. Finally, to celebrate the launch in Steam the game will feature a 10% from discount until the May 2 of 2022.

In Demon Gaze the protagonist becomes a bounty hunter who uses the Demon Gaze, an eye that controls demons. As a Demon Gazer, he is the only person capable of taking on the demons that inhabit the labyrinths of the region. From the moment it was released in Japan in 2013, the original DEMON GAZE dungeon crawler RPG was a hit. With its innovative system, gripping storyline and exciting challenges, DEMON GAZE EXTRA retains its original character while incorporating improved graphics and various new elements to offer an even better gaming experience.

Source: Gematsu