Disney+ bets on anime and signs an agreement with the publisher of ‘Shingeki no Kyojin’

Disney+ knows that anime is a very interesting business element in the short, medium and long term. The demand for Japanese animation content continues to grow, with large exponents of every genre imaginable. crunchyroll made its own moves by merging with Funimation and Wakanim and in recent years, Prime Video has gone further in this division. Disney+ now, after the premiere of things like Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood Warwhich has redoubled its efforts for anime.

Disney + will switch to Japanese animation: it has signed a contract with the publisher Kodansha

The streaming platform has confirmed, through The Hollywood Reporterwhich is in charge of distributing the contents of kodansharesponsible for sagas like Attacks on Titan. In fact, exclusively premiering the second season of Tokyo Revengers and they will take care of exclusively license the anime based on the Japanese publisher’s manga. As it has come out, the platform wants to be relevant in this type of content, filling its catalog with an attractive and different offer and promoting a variety in the field of anime that does not stop growing.

Kodansha is not just any publisher, sagas such as the aforementioned have been published on its pages. Shingeki no Kyojin and Hajime no Ippo. It has been confirmed that Edens Pero, To Your Eternity, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Tomodachi Game, Vinland Saga or Blue Lockthey will have anime series in the works that will premiere in exclusive on Disney+, bringing together a good number of seasons that will be coming to the service in the coming years. What is not clear is what will happen with other previous licenses and seasons that already exist or are available on other platforms such as Netflix and the aforementioned Crunchyroll that have issued or are currently broadcasting highly popular products among viewers such as Shingeki no Kyojin.

New series based on the Kodansha publisher, Tezuka adaptations and more: Disney goes with everything

It is rumored that the last part of its final season could go directly to the Disney platform, although it is not confirmed. Disney+ will premiere several original stories in addition to the Kodansha anime, such as Bulletan anime from the director of Jujutsu Kaisen that Sunghoo Park sign under the banner of his own studio, E&H Productions. Phoenix: Eden 17an anime based on the jewel of osamu tezuka It is also in the catalog that the mouse company has in preparation. Finally, it has been confirmed that Dragons of Wonderhatcha hybrid fantasy series mixing live-action and anime elements, designed by Posuka Demizu, will also premiere on Disney+ in early 2023.