Disney+ has released Gannibal, a Japanese horror series about a town where people appear devoured

Slowly Disney+ is betting on him sleeve and anime, acquiring some of the most interesting titles for distribution outside of Japan.

Waiting to know when we can see around these parts the final arc of bleach wave tokyo revengers season 2What we do have available on Disney+ since yesterday, December 28, 2022, is Gannibala horror series that promises to make people talk.

What is the new Japanese horror series on Disney + about?

Based on the manga of terror by Masaaki Ninomiya, Gannibal’s plot revolves around Daigo Agawa, a police officer who, after causing an incident and hoping that the family will turn the page on it, moves with his wife and daughter to Kugea country town where his previous policeman had disappeared.

This town subsists thanks to forestry and its inhabitants earn their bread with firewood from the cypress, where the influential Goto family is in charge of the work and leads much of the town.

One day, they find the body of a lady on the mountain. According to the Gotos, a bear attacked her, but Daigo discovers a human bite on the lady’s arm.so the policeman begins to suspect that something is wrong in the town.

The cast of this series is made up of Yuya Yagira (The boy from Asakusa, Going my Home, From Today, It’s My Turn: The Movie), shō kasamatsu (Tokyo Vice, Love You as the World Ends), Riho Yoshioka (xxxHOLiC, Anime Supremacy!), mahiro takasugi (Kakegurui: The Movie Part 2, Threads – Our Tapestry of Love), baijaku nakamura (Kamen Rider Black Sun) and mitsuko baishō (In the Wake).

Under the direction of Shinzo Katayama (Missing, Siblings of the Cape), the first two episodes of Gannibal are available in the Disney+ catalog from December 28, issuing a new chapter every week. If you want other recommendations to see on the platform, here we leave you what they are The best Disney+ series of 2022, according to the editorial staff of Hobby Consolas.