Disney+ Spain will premiere season 2 of Tokyo Revengers this weekend

little by little the anime It is gaining more and more strength in our country thanks to platforms such as Crunchyroll or Netflix that are committed to this type of content. Now the last to join has been Disney+ with the acquisition of several powerful titles, including Tokyo Revengers.

However, since it was announced that Disney+ had acquired the rights to Tokyo Revengers season 2 for distribution outside of Japanthere were not a few skeptical fans to see the new episodes in Spain because at the moment there is still no news of the final arc of bleach when it is already being broadcast on the platform in other countries.

However, fans can breathe easy, as Disney+ Spain has confirmed in its list of weekly releases the arrival of season 2 of Tokyo Revengerswhich will premiere on simulcast this weekend.

What is Tokyo Revengers about, one of the leading anime series

The plot of Tokyo Revengers follows the story of Takemichi Hanagaki, an unemployed 26-year-old who One day he finds out from the news that Hinata Tachibana, his ex-girlfriend from high school, and her brother, Naoto Tachibana, have died..

So much hina like Naoto were killed by the delinquent gang known as tokyo manjiwhich takemichi He was part of it as a teenager and now it has become a whole criminal organization.

everything will change for takemichi when he is pushed in front of a train and for some reason ends up being teleported back 12 years, reliving his time as a delinquent in high school.

Just as he reveals to Naoto that hina going to die, Takemichi returns to the present and an alternate timeline is created in which Naoto has survived and is now a detective, saving Takemichi from being hit by the train..

Naoto deduces that every time they hold hands, Takemichi can travel back exactly 12 years. Thus, Takemichi is taking knowledge of the past and present to find out the reason why Tokyo Manji became the organization that it is now and thus be able to avoid the murder of the love of his life..


Trailer for Tokyo Revengers season 2, which arrives at Disney+ Spain on January 7

After the events of the first season, Tokyo Revengers season 2 will cover the arc known as Christmas Showdown, in which Takemichi will have to fight a bloody battle against the Black Dragon gangwhose leader possesses extraordinary strength that makes him virtually impossible to defeat.

Of course, as usual in the work of Ken Wakui, we will have many surprising plot twists that will keep us glued to the screen episode after episode. Will Takemichi be able to change the future and save Hina and her friends?

Season 2 of Tokyo Revengers will start in the Disney+ Spain catalog this Saturday, January 7, 2023. Do you want to see the new episodes of the anime?