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Dragon Ball Super is the current saga of the franchise of Akira Toriyama that continues the adventure of Vegeta and Goku on your way to becoming the next deities of destruction. In it, they learned that there were other universes in which the Saiyan race had not disappeared.

In this way, in Dragon Ball Super, they met Kale already Caulifla, two Saiyan women from the Universe 6 that manage to be a real threat when they merge to become Kefla. But, to become an antagonist of Goku and Vegeta it would have to reach the maximum of its power, and this fan-art makes it possible.

Smartimus Prime shared in Reddit an illustration that shows us what this warrior would look like if she reached maximum power and transformed into Súper Saiyajin Blue. This is the most powerful transformation we have seen in Dragon Ball Super up to now:

dragon ball super kefla fan art

Some people in Reddit What Kenshen they opined that he would become the most powerful being of all Dragon Ball Super, because it would have the power of the legendary saiyan, berserker and the Súper Saiyajin Blue. There are even those who say that it could easily surpass Broly or own Goku.

What do you think? Here, we would love to see that Kefla returned to action during the arc of Granola with this new power.

Dragon Ball Super sinopsis

If you haven’t seen yet Dragon Ball Super and you stayed in the first two sagas of this franchise, we tell you some details so you can read it in Manga More. Hopefully, we can see Kefla in future chapters.

This story begins approximately 6 months after the defeat of Majin Boo, now the Land it has become a seemingly peaceful place again.

dragon ball super super heroes bardock

However, this peace was interrupted by an unexpected visit. The first great villain of Dragon Ball Super, Bills, the God of destruction. Despite the fact that his original plan was to destroy the planet, like many other villains, he ends up befriending Goku thanks to the delicious food of the Land.

Up to now, Dragon Ball Super has shown several story arcs; the Battle of the Gods Saga, Freeza’s Resurrection Saga and the Universe Tournament Saga 6. The manga continues in the arc of Granola, one of the most powerful adversaries to date and in which we know more about the past of the Saiyan race.

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