EDC Mexico 2022; more beats, love and less war

EDC México 2022 did not stand out for the entry of 90 thousand people to Turn 4 of the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome, it did so for solidarity with the victims of the useless war between Ukraine and Russia.

The posters were clear: “less weapons, more love and music. With kisses things are fixed. Fuck the war. Not war”. It returns hope in humanity, something that we lost with the polarization of society due to the pandemic. Some get vaccinated, others don’t; most wear face masks, few do not. EDC clarified the vision of Mexican youth.

Far from judging them for concentrating to experience a festival with nine majestic stages, getting drunk for pleasure and gossiping, it must be recognized that they did their best to take care of themselves to the best of their ability.

Obviously there were their exceptions, teenagers drowned without even having entered; the criminals who took out cell phones and the bad guys fighting with their boyfriends or girlfriends. The normal, the usual, the raver counterculture that rested for two years and was reborn.

The sunset marked the opening ceremony of the main stage, the kinetic Zen. The owl woke up, returned from his dream, opened his wings to reality and celebrated life. He looked up to his headliners from side to side, preached mental well-being and thundered his pyrotechnics. He set everything up for legend Markus Schulz.

The opening of Demon Slayer, which brought Pikachu, Saiyans, gangsters (by Tokyo Revengers) and demon hunters out of the caves. The trend in costumes this edition was Tanjiro’s robes, the protagonist of Demon Slayer.

At Dos Equis Stage, His Majesty Silverio summoned his Mongoloids and Aborigines. Calm down, don’t be offended, this specimen is one of our most precious jewels of national techno. Pure New Rich ALV, compa. But there was something wrong with him, he came out very dressed. He wasn’t in a thong.

The devil dance made him shirtless. Already with nipples in the air, he began to shout, “Fuck your mother, everyone!” His show began to take its normality. “Free croquette bar, assholes, give me everything!” He yelled. Finally, the set of Silverio’s dog that everyone wanted and completely in his red thong.

Until the closing of this edition, Kidd Keo brought the best of trap on the same stage; Vini Vici, Afrojack and Deadmau5, in kinetic Zen; DJ Snake, at Circuit Grounds; and Carl Cox, in the neon Garden.

With face masks, a certificate of the complete vaccination list, a negative antigen test in hand and a lot of attitude, the attendees of the eighth edition of the Electric Daisy Carnival filled the Autodromo Hermanos Rodríguez.

After two years, electronic music returned to the Iztacalco venue to satisfy the need of thousands of people to be part of a music festival of this nature. Dragons, unicorns, fairies, sailors and any outfit was cool and flashy enough to celebrate music once again.

This year the flower crowns were not the protagonists, the rabbit ears, the plush onesies, the green alien that walks, the outfit that stood out for the fishnet stockings and the transparencies illuminated with colored LED lights framed the beginning of the Electronic party.

The signs of the attendees did not wait. Some were an image of an emoji, others remembered the snail from SpongeBob, Gary, the image of singers like Britney Spears and Shakira were dancing in the first row of the stages, while the flags of Mexico, Germany and other countries waved, but was the sign: “The war ends with kisses” one of the most representative of the evening, one day after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Around 7:00 p.m. and when the sun had gone down, the time had come to officially start the EDC. The sound of music and fireworks woke up the great owl that lives on the main stage, who opened his eyes, shook his head and welcomed electronic music lovers once again.

Few things had changed since the last time the Electric Daisy Carnival was installed at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodríguez in Mexico City. Although there is no longer a mobile stage, now the international event had nine stages that brought to life each of the electronic music genres and delighted all attendees.

The groups of friends who danced, the couples who kissed and those who took care of those who had already drunk a little, gave new life to the electronic party where there is room for everyone.

The activations of the brands were present but in a lower number than two years ago, it was a shower of color throughout the assigned space that most attracted attention since the two wheels of fortune, the hammer and the other mechanical games , at nightfall they were filled with colors that gave a cheerful touch to each of its spaces, in the same way the sculptures that were placed of balloons and others made of metal that simulated chrome figures did.

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