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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is out on May 10.

The distributor 505 Games ad than the video game Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising the next one will come out May 10 for Playstation 5, xbox series, Playstation 4, Xbox One, switch Y pc via Steam. In addition, the game is scheduled to be launched also on the service Xbox GamePass. The official count of the game confirms the Spanish as one of the Available languages.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is the prequel to Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes and that it will be developed argumentatively in the same universe. In this game, developed by Rabbit & Bear Studiosthe user will be able to meet several characters of the saga before the period of wars that will be lived in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes will be set in the world of Allraan, a group of nations and composed of very diverse cultures. A place that has been formed between the alliances and clashes between humans, beasts, elves and people of the desert for control of the so-called “runes-lens”. However, the Galdean empire has discovered a new technology that will enhance the power of these magical artifacts, but first you have to find it. In this expedition you will meet Seign Keslinga young imperial officer, and Nowaha young man from a remote village who, by chance, will have to face the war.

Eiyuden Chronicle It is a new saga of JRPG with HD-2D aesthetic and that it has the address of Yoshitaka Murayamacreator of the series Suikoden, along with other members of the legendary JRPG title. They launched the project as crowdfunding and raised the amount of $4.57 millionbecoming the most successful project of kickstarter 2020. Maruyama himself defined the title as “turn-based RPG whose story will deal with the ravages of war and its effects on people.” This title will be released in 2023 in Playstation 5, xbox series, Xbox GamePass, Playstation 4, Xbox One Y pcvia Steam and the Epic Store, in Spanish.

Our story begins in a corner of Allraan, a melting pot of nations with a great diversity of cultures and values. At the stroke of a sword and through magical objects called “rune lenses”, the history of these lands has been forged as the alliances and aggressions of the humans, beast-men, elves and desert dwellers who inhabit them have done. The Galdean empire has displaced other nations and discovered a technology that amplifies the magic of rune lenses.

Now, the Empire is combing the continent for an artifact that will further expand its power.

On one of these expeditions, Seign Kesling, a talented young Imperial officer, and Nowa, a boy from a remote village, meet and strike up a friendship!

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