End of the Tokyo Revengers manga: the final outcome explained!

Five years after its initial release on 1er march 2017, the manga tokyo revenge by Ken Wakui is officially over. The last chapter of the work was released on November 16, to the delight of fans. However, if some are happy, many do not understand the author’s choices in the last chapter! Here is what you need to know about the final outcome of the manga.

SPOILER ALERT: This article includes material from Tokyo Revengers Chapters 277 and 278!!

Credits: Liden Films

Summary of the end of the manga!

As promised by the author, Takemichi has come to the end of his time journey to stop the Tokyo Manjikai from becoming the terrible criminal gang responsible for the death of Hinata Tachibana (his ex-girlfriend from middle school at the start). Following the major event that occurred in Chapter 277 (Takemichi’s death, resulting in tears and prayers from Mikey for him to come back to life), Takemichi and Mikey were dispatched to the past. Both realizing that they remembered the events that happened just before their time travel, Mikey and Takemichi make the decision to avoid committing the acts that led them to such an outcome.

This act results in bringing all of their once deceased friends back to life and allows the duo to found a new gang, the Revengers. The new gang quickly dominates Tokyo without much bloodshed, even going so far as to save its fiercest opponents, from the Shiba family to Izana via Koko. 11 years later, Takemichi marries Hinata, Mikey becomes a professional racer and Draken becomes a mechanic. Everything ends well. And it is following this happy ending that a lot of reactions will arise within the Tokyo Revengers community.

Why so many reactions around the last chapter?

The joy aroused by the end of the manga was great. But this joy was tinged with misunderstandings. Indeed, chapter 277 of the manga where Takemichi was killed was already subject to controversy. We wondered what would be the outcome of such a gang war but also what would be the logic behind it. And the release of the final chapter, although a source of joy, did not please everyone. Some point the finger at the deus ex machina (freedom taken by the author of a story to obtain a desired outcome by creating a surprise and unexpected action, but nevertheless driving the situation) that constitutes the sending in the past of Takemichi and Mikey, because that’s the only way the past is changed and the future saved.

This suggests a certain scriptwriting laziness on the part of the author who is far from pleasing everyone. However since everything ends well, the fans are delighted for Takemichi and his friends. The eyes are now turned towards anime sequelscheduled to be released in January 2023 and logically towards Ken Wakui’s next work.