Explanation of the end of Tokyo Revengers: Nobody liked it!

What explanation of the end of Tokyo Revengers has the story left? How do you conclude this wonderful adventure that has been a mass success?

It’s time to give one Tokyo Revengers ending explanation. The manga has been active for more than five years now, but the time has come to say goodbye. As promised by its creator, takemichi has brought its journey to a close today with the publication of the latest update to the manga. Fans are curious as to how the series ends. And that’s doubly important now, given how controversial its penultimate chapter was.

Chapter 277 set off alarm bells among readers when it premiered last week. And it happened a major switch between Takemichi and Mikey. During the last saga, readers watched as Takemichi was killed during a gang war and Mikey had to pray for the return of his friend in Tokyo Revengers. That episode anticipated that both would meet. Takemichi and Mikey were sent back to the past and the two realized that they remembered their futures. They promised to avoid the misfortunes that awaited them.

The controversy with the end of the story!

With many of their friends now alive, Takemichi and Mikey decide to start a band together. Fast forward to Tokyo Revengers several years and the two boys save everyone from Izana to Koko, and even the entire Shiba family. The perfect definition of deus ex machina, as both characters avoid all the pitfalls they experienced in their previous futures. And when chapter 278 arrives, everyone has a happy ending.

In the end, Takemichi marries his crush Hina. The final chapter of Tokyo Revengers takes place eleven years after the boy disbanded his band with Mikey. The whole band is doing well. Mikey has become a professional racer while Draken works as his mechanic.

With no deaths to cloud the Tokyo Revengers universe, Takemichi and Mikey have built the future of their dreams. Nevertheless, readers are not entirely happy with this happy ending. It may be pretty, but it only came about thanks to an unwarranted plot twist. The last minute turn has not liked. For many, the choice to send our stars back in time reeks of lazy writing.