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Today, DC Entertainment has given the big surprise to his community of fans with the first trailer of his new animated film. Injustice It will take up the story seen in the video games of the same name, as well as its comic. This long-awaited adaptation of the story of DC will arrive in autumn 2021:

Since the story seen in Injustice: Gods Among Us had its slight changes with respect to its version of the comics, its fans are waiting for the changes that this movie can have. But why has this story been so important to the story of DC? Well, it is one of the ones that have best represented the dark side of Superman.

injustice 2021 trailer dc

The game of Injustice: Gods Among Us developed by NetherRealm It was quickly popularized by this idea and by its good fighting mechanics. And, we finally get to see in full detail the corruption of the Kryptonian in this animated adaptation. And, the way the death of Lois Lane it affects him to the point of destroying his spirit.

Sinopsis de Injustice

At alternate universe Injustice: Gods Among Us, the Joker manages to destroy Metropolis with a powerful atomic bomb. But, the breaking point was when he used gas from the Scarecrow against Superman, making him believe that his wife is pregnant, Lois Lane era Doomsday. Finally, the man of steel ended up murdering his wife and future son.

This ends up breaking the psyche of this super hero until he becomes a villain.

injustice 2021 trailer dc

This event manages to change the super hero until creating a fascist state known as The Regime. So when the heroes we know are brought in by Batman to this universe, they become the only resistance against Superman. Heroes and villains unite in Injustice for this one-of-a-kind story coming this fall.

injustice 2021 trailer dc