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The longer Tokyo Revengers has lasted, the less special Takemichi’s time-jumping ability seems. Time and time again, the characters have been shown to have knowledge of time jumps, leading Takemichi and many readers to suspect that everyone and their mother have the ability to jump from one point in time to another. He’s likely one of those readers, and after so many shocking revelations, he’s probably curious: How many Time Leapers are there in Tokyo Revengers??

Fortunately, we have a definitive answer for you. However, be careful: there are *Spoilers ahead.*

Which characters jump time in Tokyo Avengers? Answered

In the final arc of the Tokyo Revengers manga, it is revealed that there has only been three definitive Time Leapers in the series: the original Time Leaper, Mikey’s brother Shinichiro, and Takemichi.

This is because the Time Leap capability must be transmitted directly from one host to another. Shinichiro obtained the power of the original Time Leaper when he killed it in a fit of rage, and basically took it by force. Meanwhile, Takemichi won him over from Shinichiro when the latter saved him from some bullies when he was a child. This transmission was more peaceful and Shinichiro willingly gave it to Takemichi.

All other characters in the series are not true Time Leapers. Instead, they simply found out by being told by an operator; he deduced the existence of the power based on what has happened throughout the series; or their memories were affected by the Time Leapers’ shenanigans due to being greatly affected by the changes made to the timeline.

For example: Haruchiyo remembers the events of the original timeline due to being one of Mikey’s closest friends, regardless of the changes Shinichiro made, and is the trigger for Shinichiro’s time travel. Meanwhile, Kisaki realized that Takemichi was going back and forth in time to thwart all of his plans, and realized that he would have to take drastic measures to prevent this from happening again.

It’s a bit convoluted, but all of this was in service of the reveal that Shinichiro was a time jumper and that he received the power from the original possessor of the power. Similarly, it helps explain what Mikey’s Darkness is through a look back at the consequences of Shinichiro obtaining the power of Time Leap in such a violent manner.

Hopefully this cleared up How many Time Leapers are there in Tokyo Revengers?. For more information on the series, check out any of the related articles below. We also have plenty of other anime content for you to peruse, including lists of the best anime antagonists, best anime fights, and best anime senpais.

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