Hunting monsters to the rhythm of metal is more spectacular if inspired by Devil May Cry; an Action RPG that will arrive this year on PC

Games inspired by big franchises rarely make a big dent. Many times they are relegated to very similar products, but they do not know how to translate or replicate what made the works they are inspired by great. In this case, Solo Leveling jump from manhwa to video game with an action RPG heavily influenced by Devil May Cry and, judging by his new advance, we are facing a careful and striking bet.

Solo Leveling became one of the most interesting stories in South Korea and was read above great exponents of manga such as Tokyo Revengers o Jujutsu Kaisen, so Netmarble Games has wanted to take advantage of this pull for the launch this year of Solo Leveling. The authors of Star Wars: Force Arena o Dragon Ball Online will release this action RPG in PC and on mobile devices, although no information has been disclosed about whether we are dealing with a payment IP or free to play.

What we can say is that despite being in front of a visual section that is widely used in this type of Asian work, with a marked cartoon style, Solo Leveling seems to pick up the baton of the best Action RPGs to offer Spectacular combats at the same time frenetic. However, there is little information on what the entire gameplay will be like, but we do know that the Solo Leveling experience will be focused on overcoming certain dungeons where we will face a multitude of enemies.

Mind you, even though Solo Leveling has been shown in the Netmarble Together with Press, the company’s Korean event to present news and future projects, the title seems to want to avoid any mention of metaverses, pay-to-earn and NFTs, protagonists of much of the news of this event. At the moment, the title is in development and plans to launch throughout this year or, at the latest, early 2023.