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Titles by great authors lead sales in Ciudad Real bookstores / AR

New installments by Carmen Mola, Arturo Pérez Reverte, Juan Gómez-Jurado, Dolores Redondo and Megan Maxwell are eagerly awaited

This September, the death of Javier Marías was shocked precisely in another fateful 9/11 and many went to bookstores to revisit, learn more about or discover the depth and ingenuity of the literary legacy of a writer who on many occasions has sounded more than deserving to receive the Nobel. At Casa Ruiz Morote, where they had copies of “seven or eight titles”, the stock “blew up” and they are waiting to be replenished, with a special demand for novels such as “Los Enamoramientos”; In Serendipia there is no trace of his books either, leading among the preferences his last two installments ‘Berta Isla’ and ‘Tomás Nevinson’; and currently you can find his great works in Litec, standing at the forefront of the ‘Corazón tan blanco’ petitions.

Something similar happened when Almudena Grandes passed away in November of last year. Everything was sold out, new batches had to be ordered and, since then, her works continue to sell at a good pace, affection for the Madrid-born author and admiration for her literary production that also play in favor of the excellent reception that the recent publication of ‘One year and three months’, a collection of poems by her widower, Luis García Montero, dedicated to the creator of significant titles such as ‘The ages of Lulú’, ‘The frozen heart’ and ‘Inés and joy’.
Likewise, the next publication, now in October, of Grandes’ posthumous work, ‘Everything is going to improve’, is longed for.

Another author who has dazzled a large number of readers is Santiago Posteguillo, whose latest historical novel, ‘Roma soy yo’, has been at the top of sales this summer, with not a single copy left this week in Ruiz Morote and Serendipity.

New titles from relevant writers / AR are expected to arrive in the coming months

‘Slave of freedom’, by Ildefonso Falcones; ‘Decent people’, by Leonardo Padura; and ‘The case of Alaska Sanders’, by Joël Dicker, are also in the ‘top ten’ of the best sellers in Ciudarreal bookstores, in which the ‘tsunami’ of the new novel is perceived more than ‘pull’ which has just been received from Sandra Barneda entitled ‘The waves of lost time’.

‘Violeta’, by Isabel Allende; ‘The bone thief’, by Manel Loureiro; and ‘The death told by a sapiens to a neanderthal’, by Juan José Millás and Juan Luis Arsuaga, continue adding readers, without forgetting the ‘phenomenon’ Carmen Mola, who does not stop attracting new followers with the ‘push’ of the Prize Planeta to ‘The Beast’ and the added incentive that this Tuesday, September 27, the fourth part, ‘The Mothers’, of the successful series ‘The Gypsy Bride’ will be released.

‘The Great Serpent’, by Pierre Lemaitre, is also at the forefront of literary appetites, in which novels such as ‘The Red Violinist’ by Reyes Monforte are maintained; and ‘The path of fire’, by María Oruña; as well as the rehearsals ‘In case the voices come back’, by Ángel Martín; and ‘Find your vitamin person’, by Marian Rojas.


Looking ahead to the start of the course and the last quarter of the year, to position themselves before Christmas, the appearance of other new works by authors who are ‘running’ such as Arturo Pérez Reverte, Juan Gómez-Jurado, Dolores Redondo and Megan Maxwell. Specifically, Pérez Reverte will presumably be on the best-seller podium with ‘Revolución’, which will hit bookstores on October 4, Gómez-Jurado will once again light the fuse of passion for reading with ‘Todo arde’ on On October 18, Redondo will release his new novel on November 16 ‘Waiting for the flood’ and Maxwell will leave his romantic novel fans speechless on November 23 with ‘And now it gets over my kiss’.

In Ruiz Morote, with regard to local authors, the continued capacity to attract ‘The Night That Was Born of the Storm’, by Pedro Martín-Romo, stands out, with a ‘legion’ of followers already waiting for the second installment, and the good reception of titles such as ‘Svaniti’, by Ignacio Márquez Cañizares, while, in relation to the return to the classroom of schoolchildren, there are authors who are especially in demand such as Eloy Moreno and his work ‘Invisible’ on bullying and Laura Gallego with her series ‘Crónicas of the tower’.

Serendipity-Zone 84 has a wide variety of comic / AR titles

Collections such as ‘Chiquicuentos’ and series such as ‘Los Once’, ‘The Rebel Princesses’, ‘Dragon Princesses’, ‘Futbolísmos’, ‘Los forasteros del tiempo’ and ‘Los Compas’ are among the most popular in children, just like, as they verify in Serendipity, adaptations of superhero comics “for the little ones”, in which they remove the violence and the drawings are “more rounded, less aggressive”.


In manga, ‘hit hard’ series like ‘Tokyo Revengers’ and ‘Kaiju 8’, as well as other classics like ‘Dragon Ball’, ‘One piece’ and ‘Naruto’; In American comics, proposals such as ‘Zero Conflict’ triumph, in which Fortnite and Marvel collaborate by providing a code for the video game; and in Spanish comics, works such as ‘Four poets at war’, by Ian Gibson and Kike Palomo, about four poetic voices from 20th-century Spain, as well as titles published by Serendipia such as ‘Paz’, about war in Ukraine, and ‘A thousand witches’, a collective book in which 39 authors create 26 comic strips.