Is Final Fantasy VII Rebirth in danger? A scandal of the actor of Cloud comes to light

takahiro sakura is one of the best placed actors in Japanese dubbing today, with roles as prominent as Reigen in the anime of Mob Psycho 100 or embodying Cloud himself in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Well, all this brutal trajectory could go down the drain overnight, including the future. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirthbasically because it has come to light that is the protagonist of a scandal as few are seen.

What if Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was forced to change Cloud’s voice?

But what exactly am I talking about? Well, the situation is as I describe it below (via Resetera):

  • Basically, what has happened is that it has become known a case of adultery by Takahiro Sakurai very beast:
    • He has been dating for 10 years with the manager of a radio show in which he participated… and she did not know that he was married. ❗
    • Indeed, this is something that the aforementioned manager, who has already left the show, has recently learned about. Such has been her shock to see how her life changed that he even had to go to the hospital. ❌
    • The wildest part of the situation is that Sakurai and the girl in question had even discussed marriage, with him being already married! ❗
  • How can this affect not only Final Fantasy VII Rebirth but all the projects Sakurai is involved in? Well, given that they could decide to rescind each and every one of their papers. ❌
Will we hear a different Cloud in the Japanese version?
  • Really, I am not exaggerating in the slightest, and the truth is that there are a very recent media case that can be an example: Tatsuhisa Suzuki. ✔️
  • This Suzuki-san is a well-known voice actor, also a singer, who was a partner of LiSA, the well-known singer in charge of the Kimetsu no Yaiba openings. What happened was that Suzuki cheated on him, and as a result he began to lose all the roles he had in the dubbing industry., including Draken’s in Tokyo Revengers. ❌
  • If Sakurai’s situation escalated the same way, we could see how he also loses all his roles… including Cloud’s in Final Fantasy VII Remake, in particular the installments Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (Part 2) and Part 3 (untitled yet). ❓

At this point, we haven’t had any major news on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth for several months, so it’s hard to tell where the game is at. Nevertheless, having to rework all of Cloud’s lines or just the mere fact of changing the voice actor is certainly something that should not be in the plans of Square Enix of natural form. At the moment the situation is very recent and no consequence has been announced, but the announcements about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will have to be closely followed.

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