Is the Chainsaw Man anime being a flop in Japan?

I think today it’s hard to find a single soul in the anime community who doesn’t know what it is.”Chainsaw Man“. Even if it was already difficult to do a few months ago when the anime was still to be released, after becoming the main showcase for MAPPA In this 2022 it is clear that names like Denji, Makima or others are already in popular use in the community. But, What if for whatever reason the visible impact anime has had here hasn’t been the same in Japan?

The Chainsaw Man anime is an international hit, but… what about in Japan?

If anything has become clear to me over the years, it is that in Japan They have tastes that do not align with ours at all. regarding anime. And from there one can find things like the following:

  • This all starts with a Japanese name half myjitsu has published an article in which they explain that reservations for the physical releases (DVD and Blu-ray) of Chainsaw Man organized for a few months are not too promising. 🤔
  • In fact, no matter how high an anime it may seem to me like Bocchi the Rock!it turns out that even this one is ahead in terms of number of reservations. The truth is that it is surprising, taking into account the relevance of both franchises. 😦
  • To this, in addition, we must add something that has been bugging me since the anime started: manga sales have never had the BOOM that was expected. 😓
  • Make no mistake, by no means am I saying that the manga hasn’t benefited from the impressions of the anime. Thanks to MAPPA’s work, the Chainsaw Man manga is now consistently on the top of the weekly bestseller list. However, It hasn’t gone as far as having an explosion as seen with things like Tokyo Revengers or Spy x Family more recently, and that’s surprising. (And not to mention real phenomena like Jujutsu Kaisen or Kimetsu no Yaiba). 😥

To exemplify the latter, I leave you three weekly manga sales charts (via WSJ_Manga) in Japan for the week of November 14-20, November 21-27, and December 5-11 (as a ‘random’ sample of “Chainsaw Man”‘s presence in manga sales with the airing anime ):

Honestly, it seems unheard of in recent years that a work of the size and production of “Chainsaw Man” has NOT managed to dominate weekly manga sales as surely intended. I am sure that all this is saved by the fact that at the level of streaming platforms, such as Crunchyroll Spain, it is being the most watched (or the most watched, again) of this anime season. Maybe not ‘failure’, but ‘disappointment’ certainly doesn’t seem like a term far from reality in Japan..

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