It is the new romantic comedy from Crunchyroll and you will like it if you have seen the anime of Nozaki-kun: That’s right Tomo-chan Is a Girl!

Tomo-chan Is a Girl! is a high school anime in which her main character will try to make her best friend understand that she is actually in love with him

We are already at January 5 and that implies that either new animes have started, or many are about to start soon. Indeed, that quarterly magic returns by which the Japanese animation sector leaves us with a whole selection of new TOP content, and among the things that we will be seeing the most as “Vinland Saga” either “Tokyo Revengers“, there is always room to find new little gems of not so much name. Yes, this time I place “Tomo-chan Is a Girl!“.

Why Tomo-chan Is a Girl! it deserves you to give it a chance

Because indeed, despite the fact that there were people who had read his manga and were looking forward to this adaptation, the reality is that Many of us had never had contact with the work before.. Now that its first episode has been released, I see myself in the position to say the following things:

  • To start, I want to go with the ‘bad’: anime is not a technical feat. It is average, a ‘6’. It doesn’t do anything especially good but it doesn’t do anything especially bad either. It just is. If you compare it with other successful slice-of-life romances of the last year, the truth is that it lags behind in terms of animation, but in general it complies. 🙃
  • And now well with the anime itself: it is a great choice for a high school romantic comedy. The plot is very simple: the protagonist (Tomo-chan) confesses her love to her best friend, but he doesn’t understand it, and thinks it’s a love between ‘bros’. Hence the parallelism that she drew with Nozaki-kun, an anime in which the uncle is tremendously dense for the theme of love. 🥰
  • The truth is Tomo-chan is a character that gives a lot of humor contentWell, she has the duality of despite being a girl that everyone sees as sexy, she is also a karateka with enormous talent that scares more than one. Since the scenes can go both ways, the truth is that the first episode flows quite well in this regard. 😮
  • Likewise, the anime not only has its two main characters in the romance, but also there is also a quite typical secondary cast in this type of anime. Come on, Tomo-chan Is a Girl! it’s got the complete teen rom-com package. 👌
  • You can watch the first episode of the Tomo-chan Is a Girl! from this link to Crunchyroll.
To watch Tomo-chan Is a Girl! you will have to go through the Crunchyroll content catalog

Originally the anime of “Tomo-chan Is a Girl!” It will only have 13 episodes., so it will not be a huge effort to follow it either. At first it has convinced me for good, so these next few weeks I will continue taking a look at it. It never hurts to have a good romantic comedy on hand and I think this does it ‘in its own way’ enough to warrant some attention.