It’s official! Season 2 of ‘Tokyo Revengers’ can be seen in Spain: the anime presents its new opening just in time for its premiere on Disney+

The end of 2022 gave us a big surprise that could change the future of simulcasts and anime on streaming platforms a lot, since Disney+ and Kodansha have signed an agreement to exclusively license anime based on the publisher’s manga.

The first on the list will be ‘Tokyo Revengers’whose second season is here right away, and now we can celebrate the simulcast.

this is the good one

Previous Disney+ simulcasts had been a little disastrous internationallyand we are still in suspense with ‘Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War‘, which could not be seen in Spain or in Latin America. so when Disney+ announced that it would also be in charge of ‘Tokyo Revengers‘, the alarms went off a bit.

It seems that we will not have to worry, because from Disney+ Spain have officially confirmed yes we can see what’s new ‘Tokyo Revengers’, starting with the first episode of the second season. that this is released Saturday January 7.

´Logically, as with all simulcasts, the chapter will be available in Japanese with subtitles, although it should not be ruled out that the anime season will be dubbed later.

With the premiere so close, Liden Films has already shared the opening sequence of the new season. Again Official HIGE DANdism are in charge of the main theme, ‘White Noise’.

‘Tokyo Revengers’ follow Takemichi Hanagakia former gang member who lives a somewhat pathetic life and hits rock bottom when he finds out that the girl he dated in high school has been murdered by the gang. Tokyo Manji. When Takemichi is about to die from being pushed onto the train tracks, he awakens 12 years in the past, whereupon he decides to use this second chance to change his future.