Japan: A group of Tokyo Revengers cosplayers got into trouble – Kudasai

In a popular comment forum it was reported that a group of cosplayers held a photo shoot in a park somewhere in Japan. According to the information, the group requested permission from the administration of the place, but they did not indicate that they would make a representation of the characters of the Tokyo Manji Gang, from Tokyo Revengers. This apparently led to pedestrians calling authorities thinking it was an actual gang.

Reviewing more on the subject, the Twitter user “Kuu (@mikasamansa)”Shared videos and photos of the session, and that is where you can read the complaints about it. The user “Pasta (@ nl2slar3uic5r5)”Replied to this publication with:“This is… unsettling and terrifying in many ways. The nerve of being able to upload such a shameful video with sufficiency is… terrifying». The cosplayer in question replied: «We ask permission to film at the source, and we try to take as few minutes as possible on the premises».

However, this was not sufficient explanation, since the same user replied: «Even if you have permission, it appears that you are violating the facility’s rules. There have been complaints to the establishment. How about?». Regarding the latter, it is worth mentioning that vandalism is prohibited in public places in Japan, that is why if a pedestrian sees an agglomeration of this type, he would immediately report it to the local authorities and the administration of the site. That is why the cosplayer noticed the situation and replied: «I think it can be said that they were told beforehand that we would do the Tokyo Manji Gang. But occupying a public place in this way is certainly not a good idea. I will be more careful when cosplaying in the future».