Japan: arrested, an unemployed man stole manga to subsist

Last July, the Japanese publisher claimed that more than 32 million copies of the series had been sold worldwide. In France, volumes 16 and 17 will arrive early next year – January and March 2022 – volume 15 will be released on November 3.

In Japan, the series has 24 volumes, and is still ongoing, with a recent film adaptation and an anime whose 21st episode has just been released. But here it is: the popularity of this series, which swells even more in 2021, arouses temptations.

A man was recently arrested in Japan for stealing four copies of the manga: the 48-year-old was filmed during his theft by the establishment’s camera – a bookstore in Chuo-ko, Sapporo, on September 29. A few days later, on October 19, when he returned to the scene, the employees called the police, who eventually apprehended him.

The man quickly admits that he was concealing: “ I use the money to supplement my income and help myself to subsist. So far I have flown several timesOther manga, he says. A sinister crime, reports the Japanese press, since the man is in reality unemployed, and will therefore have found nothing more profitable than to steal manga to resell them.

Some also compare the background of the manga, these gangs of small and large criminals, with the behavior of the thief, rather similar. Thebosozokus, real thugs of the 70s / 80s, similar to the Hells Angels could have lived these kinds of adventures – as could the Tokyo Manjikai, the gang of young teenagers on motorcycles described by Ken Wakui. Which, by his own admission, recognizes having soaked in this atmosphere and these environments for a long time.

The popularity of Tokyo Revengers currently makes it particularly easy to resell on online platforms: the four volumes initially stolen were able to bring in … around 2,046 yen, or less than € 16.

via Fnn, Yahoo Japan