Japan: Comedian Sweeps Anime Song Guessing Contest — Kudasai

Quiz! Do Re Mi Fa Don! (クイズ・ドレミファドン!) is a game show in which participants try to guess songs just by listening to the first parts of them. Since it is a competition, The first person to press the button and get the song title right gets the point.

This program was broadcast regularly on television fujitv since October 1976, but was terminated in April 1988. It was not until 2008 that the show returned, but with an irregular broadcast schedule (it only airs on special occasions), now being hosted by Hideyuki Nakayamawho replaced Tadao Takashima.

One of these special editions was recently issued in Japan, and one section was devoted entirely to anime songs. However, what caught our attention was that one of the contestants seemed quite well versed in the subject, since he hit all his songs in the first second. It’s about the comedian Yuuki Iwai (岩井勇気)who surprised with his extensive knowledge of the anime industry.

Their answers were the musical themes (1) “Butter-Fly” of Digimon Adventure; (2) “Mixed Nuts” of SPY x FAMILY; (3) “sobakasu” of Rurouni Kenshin; (4) “Ojamajo Carnival!” of Ojamajo DoReMi; (5) “kick back” of Chainsaw Man“; (6) “Suzume” by Suzume no Tojimari; (7) “Moete Hero” of Captain Tsubasa; (8) “And it is! Precure 5” of Pretty Cure 5, Smile Go Go!; (9) “KAIKAIKITAN” of Jujutsu Kaisen; (10) “crybaby” of Tokyo Revengers; (eleven) “rock pokemon master” of Pokemon; and (12) “Chala head Chala” of Dragon Ball Zamong others that no longer appear in the first video, but in the third.

In fact, the previous video is not complete, since previously he had already managed to hit a previous song, which was “Hohoemi no Bakudan” of Yuu☆Yuu☆Hakusho. Another video shared from Japan, without cuts, shows us that every time they hit a song from a very popular franchise, the production showed a fragment of the anime in question, as a kind of promotion.


Neverthelessthe editing of the first video is quite misleadingsince it makes it seem that only Yuuki Iwai I was answering questions. By reviewing other recordings from Japan, we can realize that other participants, in fact, did respond on many occasions before him. Also, it fails when trying to guess the new opening of urusei yatsuraand it is emphasized that it was the first time he was wrong.


Could you guess the songs before they hit the button?

Font: Hiro GX on Facebook