Japan: They will launch a line of lousy paper cranes, but designed by beautiful girls – Kudasai

In Japan there are gacha mechanics not only in video games for smartphones, but also in real life in the form of capsule machines, known by the name of “gashapon“, Where people pay a certain amount of money to receive a random prize, included within a plastic sphere, which gives the mechanics its name.

Recently, the division Gachatto of the company Bright Link in Japan launched a new line of prizes for this type of machines: some oritsuru, which is the name by which paper cranes made through origami are known. These popular items are considered good luck charms, so pay 300 yen (about 3 US dollars) It is not a very exaggerated price if it is well done. But it turns out that the latter is not true.

The paper cranes offered by this company are anything but well made. Of the five available designs, only one at least appears to be in the shape of a bird (not even a crane anymore), while the rest have nothing to serve as a reference. Why is this company launching such a product? And why do you think people will pay for it? The answer is that they were made by beautiful gyaru models.

For those unfamiliar with the term, “gyaru“, O “galIn English, it is a term to describe young women with a striking sense of fashion and an uninhibited personality. According to the preview of the line “Gyaru ga Otta Oritsuru (Origami Cranes Folded by Gyaru) ”, each crane was made (or at least attempted to perform) by a different girl, and the designs from left to right were made by the models Kanappe, Sa-tan, Rina-chosu, Okkina and Mocchi.

Regarding the dubious quality of the product, the company explains that the girls’ extra-long nails are not the most suitable for making the precise folds that origami demands, and apparently the fact that they are poorly done makes each one unique. “personalized“, Something that would not be achieved if they were all the same. Thus, each first design was made by the girl in question, while the company manufactures them en masse for distribution, keeping exactly the same mistakes made by the girls. Will they be successful?

These origami cranes designed by beautiful girls will go on sale at the end of March in Japan. Keep in mind that pre-orders are only for boxes of 40 units, so this is priced at 8,000 yen (about 71 US dollars), although for those with bad luck in the porridge it may be the best option.

Source: SoraNews24 | Japan