Japan Weekend Valencia-2022-Nextgame


Last weekend, more specifically, on November 26 and 27, we were able to attend one of the most important events of the anime/manga, The Japan Weekend, in this case in the city of Valencia, in Spain.

As soon as we arrived we noticed a warmth and comfort that very few places make us feel, people with awesome cosplays and the constant compliments or looks towards us, because yes, we were going with Cosplay!

The queue was impressive, and once inside, we could see a entire pavilion with commercial stalls and independent artists. We have been pleasantly surprised that so many different artists have attended Japan this year, to give you an idea, there were more than 180 artists. each had a theme and own style. There were artists who brought prints or keyrings of Chinese works, others brought different material from works like Tokyo Revengers or Chainsawman. Of course there has been no lack of those wonderful artists who have brought BL material to the fans.

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The best thing, without a doubt, has been to meet and meet people and friends with incredible and very well characterized Cosplays. We have found all kinds of famous people: The protagonists of Chainsawman, Jinx from the League of Legends video game, Asuka from Evangelion, the protagonists of Jujutsu Kaisen, Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul, characters from Chinese novels… and many other characters from many different works. The kindness and fun of the people we asked for a photo only made it even more clear to us that the Otaku community is wonderful.

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As for the trading posts, They were different from each other, some sold t-shirts or sweatshirts, others sold figures or funkos and others badges or stuffed animals.

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There was no shortage of oriental food stalls, with tasty dishes for all tastes. We also had a second floor where we found the game area or various activities where people could hang out and have fun. At different times of the day we also found activities or talks on the stage, with activities such as dancing, Karaoke or talks about works or anime.

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In summary, this visit to Valencia Japan Weekend It has been very satisfactory and we have had a great time. The people were very welcoming and the atmosphere was one of the best sensations in the world.

It was a pleasure to have attended the event and we look forward to going again next year!

(Special thanks to my girl Mery, to our friends Nerea, Ana and Edurne, to the artists @ataraxed and @downnpourr and to all those people who have treated us so well at the event)
(And a special thanks to those responsible for the Japan Weekend for giving us the pleasure of attending this great event)