Japanese culture gains ground: children, youth and adults enjoy anime

The culture of Japanese animation or anime is gaining ground among the population of children and young people, who even do not hesitate to characterize one of their favorite characters through the so-called cosplay.

According to exhibitors from the Expo Animex which has been taking place since yesterday in the Snail room of this city, Japanese cartoons are not the only favorites, because the Japanese or Korean fast food like ramen is starting to be in demand.

Anime is one of the most important modern cultural facets in Japan and there are currently countless titles aimed at all kinds of audiences, although most of the fans are children, adolescents and youngthey point out

The above, according to Richardexhibitor of collectible figures based on anime, generates that Japan’s most exported products are based on that industry.

In the meantime, Octavio Carranzawho offers manga from Spanish publishers focused on Japanese anime, points out that this culture gains more space in the country because today, through the internet, it is easy to enjoy animation created in Japan and become a fan.

For its part, Graceexhibitor of screen-printed sweatshirts with images of Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece and Tokyo Avengersamong other Japanese cartoons, argues that animated cartoons created in Japan are incredibly successful, So much so that it can be reflected in young people who dress up as their favorite characters to show how deeply rooted that culture is.

Hugo offers fast food of Japanese and Korean origin, among which the famous ramen or Japanese noodles stands out.

What is the price of ramen at Expo Animex Xalapa?

In your display there small bags and large bowls of ramen ranging from 60 to 80 pesoscompared to the 8 to 13 that can cost in stores in Xalapa.

However, he points out that young people prefer to consume the noodles that come from the Asian continent, because they know that they eat a food totally made in Japan or Korea.

The exhibitors emphasize that the anime culture continues to spread, as more and more series come out that surprise children and adults alike, to the point of making them totally fanatical.

“More than 30 years ago the Knights of the Zodiac had their heyday, from 1986 to 1991 and its 114 chapters were broadcast during subsequent years with great success; in 1984 Dragin Ball emerged and to date it remains one of the favorites among the audience” , quoted Olgaalso an exhibitor at Expo Animex.

Xalapeños enjoy the Animex Expo

Children and young people from Xalapan enjoy the Expo Animex which has been taking place since yesterday in the “Caracol” room in this city.

The event consists of a convention of manga, comics and collectibles for all those who are attracted to or are fans of anime culture.

In this edition, the Expo Animex stands out with the theme of Halloween and everywhere you can see toys, food, sweatshirts, t-shirts, scale figures and replica swords, among other objects mostly of Japanese origin, for sale.

What activities are carried out at the Animex Expo in Xalapa?

The expo also includes games, costume contests, karaoke, choreography and the participation of special guests such as cosplayers.

In addition, according to the program, as the main attraction, the dubbing actors Alan Fernando Velázquez also stand out, recognized for being the first voice of Billy, in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, and Gowther, in The Seven Deadly Sins.

During the convention, which has an entrance fee of 80 pesos per personvideo game tournaments and an exhibition of exotic birds are also scheduled “ultra dark”

Among the cosplayers expected for the Expo Animex 2022 features Hasamich, Dark Feral Kaiser, Sopita de Uva and Silena.

The expo was inaugurated at 11 am yesterday and had activities throughout the day. The closing will be today with a costume contest focused on Halloween.