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Kamiarizuki no Kodomo is coming to Netflix in February

The film Kamiarizuki no Kodomo will come to Netflix the next February 8th. A) Yes advertisement the streaming platform from your twitter account, in which he also showed the film trailer with English and Spanish subtitles. The film opened in Japan on October 8.

Kamiarizuki no Kodomo is the new project of the communication design company Cretica Universal. Production started as a draft of collective patronage, which achieved its objective through three campaigns of crowdfunding between 2019 and 2020. Cretica Universal has the collaboration of the animation studio Linden Movies (Tokyo Revengers), whose director Tetsuro Satomi is the producer of the anime animation. Haruka Sagawa carries the character design and Takana Shirai (Berserk: The Golden Age) works as an animation director and doing concept art.

Within the team, Toshinari Shinohe is responsible for the original idea, as well as assisting in production planning, while Kazuya Sakamoto (She and her cat -Everything Flows-) is specially accredited as “creative director”. Tetsurō Takita write the script together with Ryūta Miyake, Y Michiko Suwa (Detective Conan) plans and carries out the production mainly together with Teppei Mishima. Finally, the soundtrack features miwa who interprets the theme principal, titled “Kanna”.

On the other hand, the distribution of main characters was previously known and they are (from left to right):

  • Aju Makita What Kanna
  • Maaya Sakamoto What Shiro
  • Miyu Iirino What Yato
  • Kou Shibasaki What Yayoi Hayama
  • Show Iura What Norimasa Hayam

Kanna, a 12-year-old girl, has lost her passion for running because of her mother’s death. It is then that the rabbit Shiro and the demon boy Yato appear before Kanna and delegate to her the objective of bringing offerings from all over Japan to Izumo, where the gods gather during the kamiari in October. Because this mission fell on his family and must be completed. This trip will give Kanna the possibility of reuniting with her deceased mother in the land of the gods.

Fountain: Netflix