Kokohai: new otaku store in Barcelona

Anime and manga are no longer typical cultural products of the alien oriental world for Spanish children, youth and adults. The growing interest in the otaku world in recent years has meant that Japanese culture has fully entered our borders: manga salons and specialized stores are part of the cultural offer of large cities such as Barcelona.

Kokohai is one of the best examples of this today. As explained in your websiteit is an online store that offers a large catalog of anime and manga products so that no fan of this world is left without that special piece with which they want to decorate their home.

Now, and due to the success of its sales over the Internet, the promoters of this project are launching to conquer the streets of Barcelona with the opening of its first physical store in Barcelona. Kokohai has opened its doors at Carrer de los Castillejos, 205, local 2, in a unique space for lovers of series such as Hunter x Hunter, Digimon, Boku no Hero or Tokyo Revengers, some of the most popular stories of the moment both from manga like anime.

And what can be found in this establishment? «Virtually all kinds of merchandising related to otaku culture», explain their managers, who these days are finishing placing shirts and otaku sweatshirtsslippers, blankets, funkos and all kinds of Banpresto figures on their shelves to seduce the public with some of the most exclusive figures of the moment.

“We want the public to find items that excite them and that make their eyes begin to shine as soon as they cross the doors,” they say from Kokohai, where every day they strive to find any figure that the client is looking for for their collection: “We know what it means to be a fan of anime or manga, because we are too, that’s why our goal is for Catalan otakus to have a second home in Kokohaithat they find everything they are looking for, ”they acknowledge.

A door to the otaku world

Kokohai is just one of many online businesses that have sought physical headquarters after the pandemic to increase outreach to their community. Aware of how important it is for the otaku world to hold events such as manga halls, this store wants to be “a permanent festival” for lovers of this infinite universe of stories, unforgettable protagonists and, above all, art and creativity.

By placing themselves in Barcelona physically, they also want to show that otaku culture is not something alien and strangebut very close to today’s society and in which anyone can find stories that move them and make them want to know more.

“We are a door to the otaku world in a city where there is great curiosity and respect for the culture of any part of the planet, and where more and more people move in this world,” they conclude from Kokohai.