Kokohai, the online otaku store opens in Barcelona

We have great news! Kokohai.com It is no longer just an online store where you can find those otaku products that you want so much; Now, after hard work, this fantastic project sets out to conquer Barcelona by opening its first physical storea space in which all anime and manga lovers will not only find various products from their favorite series or characters, but also a home in which to feel at home.

Are you a faithful fan of the otaku world? Well you are in the right place. With years of industry experience, Kokohai offers a great catalog of anime and manga products with which any fan can see their dreams come true; and even more now, since you not only have the possibility of browsing their website, but also of going to their physical store and immersing yourself from head to toe in that world that you are so passionate about.

The truth is the growth of these businesses has been enormous. For many, at first it was just a hobby, but fans —and the pandemic— led online stores to see their sales multiply, thus making it possible to make the leap to physical establishments where it is no longer just about of acquiring a product, but of sharing with other fans with love the common one: the anime and manga world.

One Piece, Digimon, Tokyo Revengers, Dragon Ball, Hunter X Hunter, Naruto… All fans of these manga and anime hits are welcome. We are not only talking about getting that piece that makes your home an even more special place, but also about sharing your love for the otaku world with many other people who feel the same way.

A gift for each person

So is. The wide variety of products offered at Kokohai not only makes it possible for you to make your dreams come true, but also to fulfill those of that special person you love so much and want to surprise. It is about making a gift that will make you excited when you open it, obviously, but even more so when you are on your sofa (or room), look at it and it transports you to a precious memory.

We have mentioned some series (more than 50 come together in this place), but even more incredible is the wide variety of products that are within our reach. figures, posters, teddiescups, towels, blankets… It’s a real madness (of the good ones) if you’re really an otaku, and it’s also They have licenses such as Bandai, Funko or Tamashii Nations.

Specialists in anime clothing

Have we saved the best for last? Maybe. We have put collector’s items on the table, but we can’t think of anything better than taking and show off our favorite series or character wherever we go. At Kokohai they think exactly the same and that is why they have specialized in anime clothing to the point that we can find otaku sweatshirts of characters like Guts Berserk, Goku or Pikachu t-shirts and sneakers, for example, from Ace from One Piece.

The truth is that telling you everything in words is impossible. Therefore, because we want you to have a good time and find surprises for yourself, we invite you to visit the store (online or physical) to enjoy your great passion among otakus.