‘Last days in Berlin’, ‘From nowhere’, ‘Never’, ‘The beast’ and ‘The Italian’ are among the most read in the first days of the year – Lanza Digital

Many have given books for Christmas and Kings / AR

Many opt for titles such as’ In case the voices come back ‘, by Ángel Martín, and’ Any past time was prior ‘, by Nieves Concostrina, as well as works by Almudena Grandes such as’ The frozen heart’ and ‘The mother of Frankenstein ‘. Also noteworthy is the interest found in some bookstores on works on political issues such as’ Politically undesirable ‘by Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo,’ Politics for adults’ by Mariano Rajoy, ‘La joven politica’ by Manuela Carmena and ‘El dominion mental: La geopolitica of the mind ‘by Pedro Baños

A pull, like its title, ‘brutal’ has had ‘La bestia’, by Carmen Mola, last Premio Planeta, in the Christmas and Reyes purchases in city bookstores such as Serendipia, although in others such as Litec or Ruiz Morote, still achieving good sales figures, has been surpassed by the finalist novel, ‘Últimos Días en Berlín’, by Paloma Sánchez-Garnica.

Serendipity books such as ‘In case the voices return’, by Ángel Martín, or ‘Any past time was previous’, by Nieves Concostrina; Ken Follet continues to be at the top of global computing preferences with his new installment ‘Never’, a dystopia about a planetary crisis that threatens the arrival of a third World War; Arturo Pérez Reverte and Julia Navarro once again show their magnetism with ‘El italiano’ and ‘De no parte’; And the death that left thousands of followers petrified of Almudena Grandes has made many choose to read, reread and give away her novels, especially titles such as’ The frozen heart ‘,’ The mother of Frankenstein ‘and’ The ages of Lulu ‘.

Many customers choose after listening to the recommendations of the booksellers / AR

An author with a legion of readers like the Japanese Haruki Murakami is also on the podium of what is most read in these first days of 2022 with his latest title ‘First person singular’, as has been verified in Ruiz Morote, as well as Fernando Aramburu with ‘Los vencejos’, which, although with a very different approach and perspective, follows in the successful wake of ‘Patria’.

Speed, health and simplicity conjugates Karlos Arguiñano in ‘The kitchen of your life. 950 easy, fast and healthy recipes’, a book with which he has once again ‘swept’ the Christmas season and the seduction of a work such as’ Infinity in a junco ‘remains “literally infinite”, by Irene Vallejo, National Award of Essay 2020 and that is already in its 37th edition.

Those who also manage to attract quite a few readers, comment in Ruiz Morote and Serendipia, are politicians with titles such as’ Politically undesirable ‘by Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo,’ Politics for adults’ by Mariano Rajoy, ‘Con todo’ by Íñigo Errejón and ‘La Young Politics’ by Manuela Carmena, a section that could include works that arouse, likewise, special interest such as’ The Mental Domain: The Geopolitics of the Mind ‘by Pedro Baños and’ A Brief History of Equality ‘by Thomas Piketty.

Reflections in the political field attract interest / AR

‘Clara Victoria: The chronicle of the debate that changed the history of women’, by Isaías Lafuente, is a title that has worked very well in Litec, as in the novel ‘El jeweler de la reina’, by Nieves Herrero, and the thriller ‘Progenie’, by Susana Martín Gijón; A list that Serendipity adds to ‘Delparaíso’, by Juan del Val, apart from optimistic books and to “give yourself energy” such as ‘Find your person vitamin’, by Marian Rojas Estapé.

For children, Pedro Mañas triumphs with ‘Anna Kadabra’, illustrated by David Sierra, and ‘Princesses dragon’, with illustrations by Luján Fernández; without forgetting ‘Los Compas’, by Mikecrack, El Tronillo and Timba Vk, as well as other titles by young youtubers such as Mateo Haack, ‘La Divertido de Martina’ and ‘Karina & Marina’.

Children’s literature is one of the most demanded on festive dates / AR

In adolescent and post-adolescent literature, books such as “The Countdown to Summer”, by La Vecina Rubia; the installments ‘Through my window’ and ‘Through you’, by Ariana Godoy; ‘Before December’, by Joana Marcús; and “all the novels” by Alice Kellen such as “Everything We Never Were” and “We on the Moon.”

In fantasy, he leads sales, with his series on Netflix, the number one of ‘The Wheel of Time’, Robert Jordan’s saga culminated by Brandon Sanderson; and ‘The Last Wish’, by Andrzej Sapkowski, and in Serendipity many copies of the special edition with illustrations and pop up made by Minalima of ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’ have been wrapped in gift paper.

Local authors

Precisely in Serendipia, its publication as an editorial of ‘History of the province of Ciudad Real in comic’, by Víctor Barba, is at the top of the sales set; In Ruiz Morote there are works by La Mancha authors such as the solidarity book ‘A gift for the moon’, by Begoña Esteve; ‘The most beautiful evening in the world’, by Elisa Toledo, and the collection of poems ‘I have too many words and I lack time with you’, by Loly Arroyo; and Rafael Cabanillas continues to attract many readers, both with ‘Quercus’ and with his new book ‘Enjambre’, and Pedro Martín-Romo with ‘The night that was born from the storm’, as can be seen in Litec, where he has also had a excellent reception ‘Ciudad Real 1810-2020. Two centuries of transformations’, by Alejandro and Amparo Moyano, which describes the historical urban development of the city.


Asterix and Obelix’s latest album, ‘On the Griffin Footprints’, is generically among the most demanded, rubbing shoulders with bestsellers at sales levels, and in Serendipity’s Zone 84, apart from the ‘hit’ of the reissue of the history of the province in Víctor Barba’s comic, this Christmas, in manga, number one of sagas such as ‘Tokyo Revengers’, ‘My Hero Academia’, ‘Naruto’ and ‘Guardians of the Night’ have been exhausted.

Comics have a multitude of followers / AR

In American comics, ‘Batman: El Mundo’ has risen among the most demanded titles, with a cover in which the superhero appears on the iconic claim of the Osborne bull, made by the Spanish Paco Roca, whose bibliography is also among the most appreciated, as well as the graphic novel ‘Maus’, by the cartoonist Art Spiegelman.


Titles not to be missed, according to Jesús López de Pablo, from Zona 84, are ‘From hell’, Alan Moore’s classic comic based on Jack The Ripper and whose color edition has now come out, and the new Blacksad adventure ‘Todo falls off. First part’. For his part, Rafael Díaz, from Serendipia, recommends the dystopian trilogy of the twentieth century, which has a lot to do with the present, from ‘1984’, by George Orwell; ‘Brave New World’, by Aldous Huxley; and ‘Fahrenheit’ by Ray Bradbury.

‘From Hell’ and the new from Blacksad, two great titles in comic / AR

Meanwhile, Cecilia Bascuñán López, by Ruiz Morote, chooses ‘Dune’, a science fiction classic by Frank Herbert that brought David Lynch to the screen in 1984 and recently, in 2021, Denis Villeneuve, and in which, dealing with topics such as conflicts over energy and domination of geopolitical areas, appear to a large extent reflected, in his opinion, current times.

As for Nuño Sánchez, from Litec, he would advise or give away the dizzying and addictive novel ‘Revancha’, by Kiko Amat, with the boixos nois and structural violence in society as a background; and “any book” by Philip Roth such as ‘El mar de Portnoy’ or ‘Pastoral americana’, for its “interesting and different” narrative.