Launches Norma Editorial December 2021 – Ramen For Two

Launches Norma Editorial December 2021

Editorial Standard announces the list of releases for the month of December 2021. After a month of November with some relaxation, if you can qualify the launch of Tokyo Revengers, for the last month of the year the publisher has prepared a varied selection of manga launches, but among which the novelty of A disease called love. Editorial Standard recovers for its catalog Megumi Morino, author of Good morning sleeping beauty, and he does it with his current work, a love story that continues to be published in Japan with 9 volumes at the moment.

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Qualification: A disease called love
Original title: A Condition Called Love with Hananoi
Author / s: Megumi Morino
Genders: romance, shojo, school life
Format: Paperback with soft cover and with dust jacket 11.5×17.5 cm
State: In publication (9 volume / s)
Spanish Publishing House: Editorial Standard
Japanese Publisher: Kodansha
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Hotaru doesn’t really know what romantic love is, and she’s in no rush to experience it. The love of her family and friends is enough for her, she does not need anything else. But when, out of the blue, Hananoi declares her love for her in front of the entire institute, she decides to give her a chance. Thus begins this curious relationship between the girl who does not know what love is and the boy who wishes above all to be loved.

Accompanying the launch of A disease called love, Editorial Standard throw a initiation pack dedicated to Megumi Morino. A pack for those who do not know this author yet and that offers the first volume so much of Good morning sleeping beauty like A disease called love, at the reduced price of 16€.

In addition to saying goodbye to the year, in December readers will also say goodbye to three series from the publisher’s catalog. Is about Happy Kuso Life of Harada, the endearing story of BL Metamorphosis by Kaori Tsurutani and the funny romantic comedy Our precious conversations of Robico with the publication of second, fifth and seventh volume, respectively.

There will also be a new volume in December of several current hits of the Weekly shônen Jump. On December 10, volume 22 of Black Clover by Yuki Tabata, which will include a gift box in its first edition. In addition, the tenth volume of Chainsaw Man by Tatsuki Fujimoto, the thirteenth volume of Jujutsu Kaisen – War of Sorcerers by Gege Akutami and the fourth volume of Mashle de Hajime Kōmoto.

The December releases do not end here. Editorial Standard, also highlights the sale of the fifteenth volume of Yotsuba!, after three years without having any new volume of this fun series by Kiyohiko Azuma. Other titles listed for that month is Black Butler with volume 30 of this work by Yana Toboso, Elf on a diet with the second volume of this Synecdoche comedy, Fire Force of Atsushi Ohkubo with the twenty-second volume, the tenth volume of The Quintuplets by Negi Haruba and the eighth volume of Vanitas’ notes de Jun Mochizuki.

These and more titles will reach specialized bookstores and the online store of Norma Comics as of December 10.

  • That time I turned into slime # 13 (Taiki Kawakami, Fuse) –9000 €
  • Black Butler #30 (Yana Toboso) – € 9.00
  • Black Clover #22 (Yuki Tabata) –9000 €
  • Chainsaw Man #10 (Tatsuki Fujimoto) –9000 €
  • Elf on Diet # 2 (Synecdoche) – 9,00€
  • Fire Force #22 (Atsushi Ohkubo) –9000 €
  • Happy Kuso Life #2 (Harada) – 9,00€
  • Heavenly Delusion #3 (Masakazu Ishiguro) –9000 €
  • Hellsing Collector’s Edition # 4 (Kohta Hirano) – 16.00 €
  • Jujutsu Kaisen – War of Sorcerers # 13 (Gege Akutami)-8,00€
  • The Quintuplets # 10 (Negi Haruba) –9000 €
  • Vanitas Notes # 8 (Jun Mochizuki) – 9,00€
  • Mashle #4 (Hajime Kōmoto) –8,00 €
  • BL Metamorphosis #5 (Kaori Tsurutani) –9000 €
  • Our precious conversations # 7 (Robico) – 9,00€
  • Initiation pack Good morning sleeping beauty and A disease called love (Megumi Morino) –16,00 €
  • Pokémon Sun and Moon # 2 (Hidenori Kusaka, Satoshi Yamamoto) –9000 €
  • Splatoon #11 (Sankichi Hinodeya) – 9,00€
  • A disease called love # 1 (Megumi Morino) –9000 €
  • Yotsuba! # 15 (Kiyohiko Azuma) –9000 €
  • Source: Editorial Standard