Live-action Tokyo Avengers will have a sequel in 2023

The anime franchise that has become very popular and that made the leap to live action it was tokyo avengers right after its animated adaptation, but the time travel plot looks set to return with a sequel next year.

Through the official site of the film, after its success, it was confirmed that there will be a second part with an amazing trailer that also reveals the return of the cast of the main characters and that promises its premiere at some point in 2023.

In the video you can see a brief summary of the conflict seen in the first film of tokyo avengerswhich brings us up to date on what has happened with the Tokyo Manji and Moebius.

Likewise opens the possibility of seeing the next confrontation within the film as the bloody-halloweenin which the members of this gang have their battle against Valhalla, which is one of the most iconic moments of the sleeve and anime.

tokyo avengers is a manga written and illustrated by Ken Wakui in 2017 and currently in its final stage, while the story inspired an anime series with a first season coming out in 2021, while a second it will come this year.

While, the first season is available on the Crunchyroll platform for the West and it can be seen both in its original language with Spanish subtitles and with Latin dubbing.

Without a doubt, 2023 will be full of time travel, in order to expand the story of Takemichi and the Tokyo Manji in a live-action adaptation.

Did you see this adaptation of tokyo avengers?


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