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Maglam Lord dates its release on PC

D3 Publisher and the developer Felistella give date release for the version for pc from Maglam Lord. This role-playing and action video game will land in the Platform of Valve the next May 30.

Maglam Lord

Maglam Lord it is also available on other platforms. It first went on sale in Japan the March 18, 2021 for switch Y Playstation 4. Almost a year later, the February 4, 2022, it was the turn of the rest of the world. In Spainthe version physical of this video game came from the hand of Meridiem Games.

This interesting role-playing and hack ‘n’ slash video game developed by Felistella and produced by D3 Publisher puts the player in the shoes of a demon king who must restore his powers and recapture his past glory. The player must face off against countless enemies and build powerful weapons to get your goal. In addition, the player can find his better half and get his help in combat, through a narrative system based on game mechanics. dating simulator. In these dates, the protagonist can go to different places to conquer his love interest, from a bowling alley to a casino. The game has a script written by Kei Miyakozukiauthor of Summon Nightand designs made by okadadesigner of Fate/Grand Order.

Maglam Lord

Maglam Lord

Long ago, the mighty Demon Lord Killizzerk was sealed away from a reign of terror. After a long slumber, Killizzerk awakens to discover that he has lost his powers and is now a government-classified endangered species. The demon lord must join forces with a soul mate to forge and transform into magical weapons to slay beasts and awaken the true power of him.

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