Manga Barcelona 28: Editorial Standard, news announced

One of the great publishers that could not be missing in this 28 Manga Barcelona is Editorial Standard. As always, it presents a wide catalog full of the most varied novelties, and this year was not going to be less. The news that they have presented today will be published from January to April 2023. And now yes, let’s see what works they have prepared for us for the next and first four-month period of the year.

Manga Barcelona 28: Editorial Standard

News from the show

To finish off the year, Norma Editorial has published four novelties this weekend to end it in the best possible way. Starting with the volume 12 of Chainsaw Man, volume that begins the second part of the work of Tatsuki Fujimoto. On the other hand, the sequel to The Seven Deadly Sins titled Four Knights of the Apocalypse. A highly anticipated was the comic adaptation of the Chinese novel Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation. Finally, a novelty by Ken Wakui, author of Tokyo Revengers entitled Sekisei Inko.

News January-April 2023

The publisher has presented a wide variety of novelties. Different genres, authors and even comics outside of Japan. They have expanded their catalog manhwa, some new mangañol and even editions in Catalan. We also found familiar faces, since they have done so well with some authors that they have been encouraged to bring more of their works. And now, we leave you with everyone:

  • desert eagleby Ken Wakui. Double volume edition
  • shinjuku swanby Ken Wakui. Edition in triple volumes
  • Chainsaw Man Buddy Storiesby Tatsuki Fujimoto and Sasaku Hishikawa. novel of Chainsaw Man
  • Liquid Memories 3a new installment of the mangañol by Fidel de Tovar and Dani Bermúdez.
  • The Song of Yoru and AsaHarada’s new BL
  • Yomi no Tsugaithe new from Hiromu Arakawa
  • evangelion edited in catalan
  • sayonara eri by Tatsuki Fujimoto. Edition in Spanish and Catalan
  • The Beginning After the EndFuyuki23’s webcomic and TurtleMe
  • here u areD Jun’s manhwa
  • HyperventilationBboong bbang kkyu uncensored manhwa
  • RaelaniaMilcha and Whale manhwa
  • Neko Soccer! soccer and cats manga by Atshushi Ooba
  • Called Gameby Izumi Kaneyoshi
  • tokyo aliensfrom NAOE
  • Gachiakutaby Kei Urana
  • Mo Dao Zu Shithe most anticipated novels

Other details

During the round of questions, they talked about other series in their catalogue. First of all, the delays of utena, Higher Moon Y final fantasy. They comment that they are complicated projects and that they require special dedication, so they ask for patience with these works. On the other hand, in Sant Jordi they have thought that it will already be available Death Note Black Edition in Catalan.

As to Tokyo RevengersThey are studying the possibility of bringing it in volume 31 in a triple format, but it is not certain. The Vanitas notes will bring a book of illustrations with volume 10. They have also thought of Catalan editions of Chainsaw Man Y Guardians of the nightbut nothing is confirmed yet.

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