MCU: 5 Anime Characters Black Widow Would Train (& 5 She Would Ditch)

The MCU boasts a dazzling array of superheroes, but not all of them need magic hammers or high-tech suits to save the day. Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) is a trained and undercover assassin who is highly effective against most humans. She would also be a great coach.

The Black Widow could train a new assassin to succeed her one day, and she could find talented alumni not only from the MCU, but from other realms of action-adventure fiction as well. A good field to choose from would be the vast world of anime. Lots of animated heroes would be eager to learn from Black Widow, but not all of them are worthy. Which ones have what it takes to become Black Widow’s apprentices?

10 THE BLACK WIDOW WOULD ENTER: Toru Hagakure has a raw talent suitable for spies (My Hero Academia)

Some Quirks are better suited for super spy work than others. If Black Widow could choose a student from the United States school to train, she would choose Toru Hagakure, whose invisible body gives him an obvious advantage in the Black Widow line of work.

Despite Toru’s goofy personality, he takes hero work seriously and isn’t afraid to take the time to improve his fighting skills. Toru is already training in hand-to-hand combat, and the Black Widow could teach him things that not even All Might or Eraser Head would know.

9 THE BLACK WIDOW DOES NOT TRAIN: Takemichi Hanagaki has guts, but no talent (Tokyo Revengers)1630433033 557 MCU 5 Anime Characters Black Widow Would Train 5.webp

Takemichi Hanagaki is the protagonist of the time travel series Tokyo Revengers. Takemichi is an underdog who knows the life of criminals. Although he has guts, he lacks a natural talent for fighting.

The Black Widow would appreciate Takemichi’s courage, but he is not a potential superspy and would not last long against Hydra agents or other enemies. You will have to find an apprentice elsewhere.

8 THE BLACK WIDOW WOULD TRAIN: Kohaku is agile, brave and thinks with his feet (Dr. Stone)1630433033 346 MCU 5 Anime Characters Black Widow Would Train 5.webp

Despite living literally in the stone age, the agile warrior Kohaku would greatly impress the Black Widow.

Kohaku already has some impressive abilities. Like Black Widow, it focuses primarily on agility, small arms, and precision in battle to take down larger foes. Kohaku would be delighted to learn more from Black Widow, and the two would form an unstoppable team.

7 THE BLACK WIDOW DOESN’T TRAIN: Annie Leonhart has talent, but questionable commitment and goals (Attack On Titan)1630433033 722 MCU 5 Anime Characters Black Widow Would Train 5.webp

Annie Leonhart is the bearer of the Female Titan, a warrior who fights for the Marley Empire without much conviction. Annie cares only for herself and her father, and has no sympathy for any other cause. He is not a sentimental or dreamy person, and the Black Widow would not be impressed.

Black Widow isn’t terribly idealistic either, but she’s fully committed to SHIELD and the Avengers. In comparison, Annie is too listless to be worth training as a new Avenger. Also, Annie’s true strength comes from her Shifting Titan form, which doesn’t fit in well with Black Widow’s fighting style.

6 The Black Widow would train: Yuji Itadori has a talent for martial arts and a hero’s heart (Jujutsu Kaisen)1630433033 58 MCU 5 Anime Characters Black Widow Would Train 5.webp

Yuji Itadori is a classic shonen protagonist. He is a tough and brave boy who risks his life to fight for what is right. He has a certain natural talent as a hero, such as having unusual strength and speed for a boy his age. He even has the power of Sukuna within him. But he will not let that dark power corrupt him.

Yuji is eager to receive training from mentors like Satoru Gojo, and he also learned a lot from Aoi Todo. If given the chance, he would also ask Black Widow to train him to enhance his agility and technique.

5 THE BLACK WIDOW DOES NOT TRAIN: Arthur Boyle’s fighting style and personality do not fit well (Fire Force)1630433033 900 MCU 5 Anime Characters Black Widow Would Train 5.webp

Arthur Boyle is a stylish fire soldier. He is believed to be King Arthur of Camelot, with the Excalibur sword, and this helps him to bring out his true strength. However, there is nothing subtle about the way he fights.

Although Arthur is an impressive soldier when in king mode, he is too flashy for Black Widow’s liking, and he has not shown any serious aptitude for unarmed combat or the use of small arms. He is also not smart or resourceful enough to be a spy / assassin like Black Widow.

4 THE BLACK WIDOW TRAINES: Edward Elric has what it takes (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)1630433033 394 MCU 5 Anime Characters Black Widow Would Train 5.webp

Despite his temperament and stubbornness, Edward Elric would make a good apprentice to Black Widow. Edward received martial arts training from Izumi Curtis, the alchemist, and has the resourceful and creative mind of a scientist.

All of this, combined with his heroic personality and guts, makes him ideal for training under the Black Widow. Additionally, Edward is small and agile, allowing him to easily outrun enemies and sneak into their territory.

3 THE BLACK WIDOW DOES NOT TRAIN: Chad is strong but slow (Bleach)1630433033 811 MCU 5 Anime Characters Black Widow Would Train 5.webp

Ichigo’s good friend Chad is tough for his age and has a noble heart. Once a bully, Chad learned to use his immense strength to protect others, and fights bravely alongside Ichigo against all manner of enemies. He’s perfectly up for training, but the Black Widow wouldn’t be in the mood.

Although Chad is strong like the Hulk or Thor, he is direct in battle and does not use any advanced techniques. Black Widow’s abilities would be wasted on him, so he would suggest that Chad team up with Thor instead.

2 THE BLACK WIDOW WOULD TRAIN: Asami Sato could learn a lot from the Black Widow (the Legend of Korra)1630433034 774 MCU 5 Anime Characters Black Widow Would Train 5.webp

Asami Sato may not be a bender, but she is a brave and loyal fighter nonetheless. You have access to all manner of gadgets, from motorcycles and aircrafts to egalitarian-style crash gloves. He also learned martial arts from his father, Hiroshi Sato.

Asami would ask Black Widow for additional training if they ever met and Black Widow would give her a chance. Asami has what it takes, including her noble heart. She will always fight for justice, like a true Avenger.

1 THE BLACK WIDOW DOES NOT TRAIN: Shion is enthusiastic but reckless (that time I was reincarnated into a slime)1630433034 171 MCU 5 Anime Characters Black Widow Would Train 5.webp

Shion is an evolved ogre whose heart burns for Rimuru Tempest, his boss, and will gladly accept any challenge to impress or protect him. Shion once faced Suphia and faced the otherworldly enemies of Falmuth’s army. That said, it is not suitable for Black Widow training.

Shion is enthusiastic yet forceful in battle and in everyday life, relying on brute force to win a fight. He also insists on fighting with his giant sword, which is totally inappropriate for the Black Widow’s fighting style. Souei may be a ninja, but not Shion.