MCU: 5 anime villains Captain America could beat (& 5 he’d lose to)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is home to some of the most legendary heroes in comics, from the shielded Captain America to the high-tech Iron Man to the cosmic superstar Captain Marvel. In Marvel comics there are not only heroes and villains, but also advanced technology and magic, which makes them coincide with the world of Japanese animation. What if Captain America ended up there?

Captain America will never hesitate to take on villains and tyrants of all stripes, and he has his incredible strength, advanced martial arts, and indestructible shield going for him. It could take down a lot of anime villains, but some of them are simply too strong, or too cunning, for Captain America to defeat.

10 CAPTAIN AMERICA CAN DEFEAT: Shuji Hanma is just a thug boy (Tokyo Revengers)

Captain America will barely be able to warm up his engines when he takes on villain Shuji Hanma from the world of the Tokyo Victors. Shuji is one of several criminals who seems to have no redeeming qualities, unlike the tough but honorable duo of Mikey and Draken.

Shuji is a tough boy who can hold his own in a fight, and can dispatch many other criminals his age. But he is just a young teenager, and he has no special powers of any kind. Captain America could knock him out and take him to the authorities.

9 CAPTAIN AMERICA CANNOT DEFEAT: Pride is a shadow monster impossible to kill (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)1629363354 235 MCU 5 anime villains Captain America could beat 5.webp

Homunculus Pride also looks like a simple child, but he is not an ordinary boy. It is actually a huge shadow creature covered with eyes and mouths, and its body is practically indestructible. Even his “Selim Bradley” container is nearly impossible to kill, as Heinkel the lion chimera soon discovered.

Pride can move at astonishing speed, and it also has deadly tendrils with which to stab its enemies, not to mention the ability to grab people’s limbs. At best, Cap can withstand Pride’s attacks and run away; at worst, Pride will capture him from behind and gobble him up.

8 CAPTAIN AMERICA CAN DEFEAT: Hyoga’s spears cannot pierce Cap’s shield (Dr. Stone)1629363354 38 MCU 5 anime villains Captain America could beat 5.webp

Hyoga is another mundane anime villain with no supernatural abilities, which means he has very few options against an elite Avenger like Captain America. Hyoga is a strong young man with impressive speed and remarkable spear skills, but that alone is not enough.

Hyoga’s spear was a threat to Kinro, Ginro, and Kohaku, but Captain America can easily block it with his shield and then push it away with a sweeping motion. He can then get close to Hyoga and knock him out in hand-to-hand combat.

7 CAPTAIN AMERICA CANNOT DEFEAT: Bluenote Stinger can control gravity (Fairy Tail)1629363355 927 MCU 5 anime villains Captain America could beat 5.webp

Most of the characters in Fairy Tail They are magicians, and some magical powers are too much for Captain America or Iron Man. The Captain can block fire or ice with his shield, but Bluenote will attack him in a totally different way: with extreme gravity.

Bluenote can make everything in the target zone incredibly heavy, and even Cap’s immense strength will soon be insufficient, as he lacks the strength to raise his shield. You must submit, or risk being sprayed.

6 CAPTAIN AMERICA CAN DEFEAT: Thorkell cannot break Cap’s shield (Vinlandia Saga)1629363355 76 MCU 5 anime villains Captain America could beat 5.webp

Captain America has a better chance of victory against powerful but worldly foes rooted in reality, and Thorkell the Viking is a worthy foe to face. Thorkell is a tall and incredibly strong Viking warrior, capable of slicing dozens of armored men to pieces with his twin axes.

To most foes, Thorkell is a dervish of deadly ax blades and blood, but Captain America can easily withstand this onslaught with his shield, then slam into Thorkell’s knee to throw him off balance. Next, a firm shield blow to the face should knock Thorkell out of action and end the fight.

5 CAPTAIN AMERICA CANNOT DEFEAT: Barragán Luisenbarn’s aura of death is almost foolproof (Bleach)1629363355 427 MCU 5 anime villains Captain America could beat 5.webp

Captain America can wield a sword, or a zanpakuto, to put it in terms of Bleach . He could also face a martial artist like Chad, but he can’t at all defeat a supervillain like Barragán Luisenbarn, the 2nd Espada and former king of Hueco Mundo. His power is overwhelming even for most heroes of Bleach.

Barragan’s aura can control time to quickly age anything that gets too close and slow it down. Captain America’s movements will slow to the point that all of his flesh will wither and rot shortly after. The Captain’s shield won’t break down, but the rest of him will, especially after Barragán releases his zanpakuto, Arrogant.

4 CAPTAIN AMERICA CAN DEFEAT: Kendo Rappa won’t stand a chance (My Hero Academia)1629363355 305 MCU 5 anime villains Captain America could beat 5.webp

Kendo Rappa is a melee-oriented villain, and his Quirk, Strongarm, allows him to land fast and heavy blows to wear down his enemies and pulverize them. Against enemies like the hero Fat Gum, this is a very effective, albeit straightforward, tactic. But Captain America has defenses that not even Fat Gum has.

Kendo Rappa will try in vain to break Cap’s shield, and will only exhaust himself trying to break it with his Quirk. Once Kendo gets tired and slows down, Captain America can fight back with his well-tuned moves and beat Kendo into submission. In a fist fight, it takes more than Kendo Rappa is capable of to stop Captain America.

3 CAPTAIN AMERICA CANNOT DEFEAT: Sho Kusakabe can stop time (Fire Force)1629363355 534 MCU 5 anime villains Captain America could beat 5.webp

Despite being Shinra Kusakabe’s younger brother, Sho Kusakabe is currently a villain in the Force of Fire, and has a really remarkable ignition capacity. Sho can cool the entire universe around him, stripping it of heat energy and thus stopping the flow of time itself.

Only Sho can move in this private universe of his and dodge enemy attacks or slash and stab his enemies with that sword of his. Sho can’t break through Cap’s shield, but if he freezes the universe, it doesn’t matter. You can simply stab Cap in the back to ensure victory.

2 CAPTAIN AMERICA CAN DEFEAT: The burning man is not ready to face Cap’s shield (Avatar: The Last Airbender)1629363355 628 MCU 5 anime villains Captain America could beat 5.webp

Against most benders, Captain America would have trouble, as benders can attack him from multiple directions at once to avoid his shield. But the killer Combustion Man plays the Captain’s game with his direct blast of firebending. His attacks are fast and can hit from a distance, but Cap’s shield can withstand an attack as close as that with no problem.

Combustion Man would soon be frustrated, but he has no other options against his star opponent. Captain America can then launch his shield to hit Combustion Man right in the forehead, disrupting his explosive firebending. From there, it’s a simple matter of beating Combustion Man until he gives up. Not even his metal hand can save him.

1 CAPTAIN AMERICA CANNOT DEFEAT: Captain Blackbeard can swallow Captain America in the dark (One Piece)1629363356 202 MCU 5 anime villains Captain America could beat 5.webp

This is a Captains battle, and sadly, the villain has all the cards. Captain America’s shield will only protect you from Captain Blackbeard’s guns, and Blackbeard has much more than that at his disposal. It’s time for the dark fruit to show its fangs.

The powers of the Dark Fruit can create a field of darkness and engulf anyone trapped within it, and Captain America will not be able to escape this effect. Perhaps Iron Man or the Robotic Vision could fly away, but Captain America would be helpless and plunge into darkness forever.