Movie listings: all the premiere films this week (April 22-24)

The weekend is calling the movie theater and from April 22 new films are released. We will be able to enjoy a very interesting portfolio, which includes long-awaited films such as The Man from the North, Dog. A Wild Journey, Venicephrenia or the adaptation of Tokyo Avengers to real action. These are the premiere films this weekend (from April 22 to 24) in cinemas throughout Spain.

List of premieres:

  • the north man
  • Dog. a wild ride
  • Venicephrenia
  • 75 days
  • Notre-Dame is burning
  • Arthur Rambo
  • tokyo avengers
  • at your point
  • God’s kiss
  • A little plan… how to save the planet
  • the edge
  • Woman of Photographs
  • To the women of Spain. Maria Lejarraga
  • Kaporito: the guardian of the mountain

the north man

  • Duration: 136 minutes.
  • Direction: Robert Eggers.

Synopsis: Iceland, early 10th century. The path for the Norse prince Amleth turns upside down after the assassination of his father, the king. It is a story of revenge set in the world of the Vikings and by Robert Eggers, the director of The Lighthouse and the Witch. The film promises action and many adventures. You can read the review of FreeGameTips here.

Dog. a wild ride

  • Duration: 90 minutes.
  • Direction: Reid Carolin, Channing Tatum.

Synopsis: Briggs is a former United States Army Ranger who has suffered the ravages of war. Upon his return, he suffers from post-traumatic stress, as does the dog Lulu. Together they will embark on a journey and cross the West Coast in order to arrive on time for the funeral of his best friend.


  • Duration: 100 minutes.
  • Address: Alex de la Iglesia.

Synopsis: The citizens of Venice are fed up with tourists. Their beautiful home is harassed and destroyed by travelers, so they decide to put an end to these rennet practices. Oblivious to all this, a group of Spanish tourists will suffer in their flesh the attack of the inhabitants, for which they will have to do everything possible to survive. You can read the review of FreeGameTips here.

75 days

  • Duration: 119 minutes.
  • Direction: Mark Romero.

Synopsis: Three teenage sisters disappeared without a trace one night on November 13, 1992. Unfortunately, the bad news becomes reality when the bodies are found in an advanced state of decomposition, just 75 days after the disappearances were reported. The film explores one of the events that capsized Spanish society.

Notre-Dame is burning

  • Duration: 117 minutes.
  • Direction: Jean-Jacques Annaud.

Synopsis: April 15, 2019 was a tragic day for culture. The old Notre-Dame Cathedral suffered a fire that was about to end hundreds of years of history. The film directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud portrays that moment and tells how some people even risked their lives to save this great work of humanity.

Arthur Rambo

  • Duration: 87 minutes.
  • Directed by: Laurent Cantent

Synopsis: Social networks bring with them the possibility of hiding under an alias and operating in the shadows. Karim D. is a young writer who has achieved media fame thanks to his sharp messages that he publishes on networks. He is not without enemies, but no one knows who he really is, as he hides under the pseudonym Arthur Rambo.

tokyo avengers

  • Duration: 120 minutes.
  • Direction: Tsutomu Hanabusa.

Synopsis: Based on the homonymous manga, this story tells the story of Takemichi Hanagaki, an ordinary young man who learns that his old high school girlfriend has been murdered by a street gang, the Tokyo Manji. Faced with this situation, the young man manages to travel to the past to save his old love, although along the way he becomes a dangerous criminal.

at your point

  • Duration: 91 minutes.
  • Direction: Christopher Thompson.

Synopsis: Charly is the director of a fashion magazine in Paris, but the situation takes a turn when her father dies and she inherits the family business, a luxury butcher shop for which she has never felt any interest. Her first option is to sell it, but Martial, one of her employees, convinces her to carry on her father’s legacy.

God’s kiss

  • Duration: 70 minutes.
  • Direction: Pietro di Tano.

Synopsis: The Mass as you have never seen it before. A dazzling journey through the biblical meaning of sacrifice -from Creation to man- accompanied by the testimonies of Eduardo Verástegui, Scott Hahn, Emerson Fittipaldi, Cardinal Cantalamessa… and by young people ‘touched’ by God. With incredible images of the nature of Brazil and Iceland; shot on the Beach of the Cathedrals (Lugo)

A little plan: how to save the planet

  • Duration: 67 minutes.
  • Direction: Louis Garrell.

Synopsis: Abel and Marianne discover that their 13-year-old son Joseph has secretly sold his most precious possessions. They soon realize that Joseph is not the only one: hundreds of children from all over the world have come together to finance a mysterious environmental project in Africa. Your mission is to save the planet.

on the edge

  • Duration: 115 minutes.
  • Direction: Eduard Bordukov.

Synopsis: It tells the story of the two best fencers in Russia. The former has been in the limelight for many years, while the latter has just made it to the national team and since then has been victorious in virtually every tournament she has participated in. The two athletes compete against each other to determine which is the best both on and off the track.

Woman of Photographs

  • Duration: 89 minutes.
  • Direction: Takeshi Kushida.

Synopsis: Kai, who runs a very special photography shop, discovers the pleasure of loving a woman. Kyoko is beautiful and a model with a huge scar on her body. She is confused about her own identity and her self-worth. Kai helps her with her perception of herself thanks to her photo retouching skills.

To the women of Spain. Maria Lejarraga

  • Duration: 90 minutes.
  • Direction: Laura Hojman.

Synopsis: Fictional documentary that tells the story of María Lejárraga, writer and pioneer of feminism in Spain during the 1920s, whose production came to light under the name of her husband, the theater impresario Gregorio Martínez Sierra. The most prolific Spanish playwright (played in the documentary by Cristina Domínguez) of all time, author of works such as Canción de crib, made into a film five times, or the libretto for El amor brujo, by Falla, was also a deputy for the second Republic and founder of pioneering projects for the rights and freedoms of women.

Kaporito: the guardian of the mountain

  • Duration: 80 minutes
  • Address: Viveca Baiz.

Synopsis: A small spectacled bear whose parents are killed by a hunter returns to his nest located in the high mountains of the Andean Cordillera. The friendship with Caribay, an indigenous girl who discovers that the spectacled bear, despite its large size, is a good and affectionate animal, helps him become the Guardian of the Mountain, in order to preserve the lives of the other defenseless animals. and of nature.

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