My Hero Academia Loses Ground: Spy X Family Manga Outsells It

My Hero Academia was considered the king of manga of the current generation. The shonen of super heroes first appeared in July 2014 and since then 34 manga volumes have been published, placing itself at the head of the manga publishing world. But his time might be passing, or he probably just received a smack of a fad, because there’s a new contender: Spy X Family.

What is Spy X Family, the manga that surpassed My Hero Academia, about?

This manga written by Tatsuya Endotells the story of twilight (Twilight), a spy who has been entrusted with the mission of stay close to the leader of a rival nationand to do so, a new identity must be created, so he gets other characters with special abilities to form his front family: a daughter with psychic powers and a wife who is a lethal assassin.

With this fake family as a facade, Twilight must play the role of a loving father to succeed in your mission. With this complicated plot of simple development, Spy X Family has drawn attention for being a strange story with an incredible story about murder and family bonding. Something unexpected and quite innovative.

How popular is Spy X Family?

Under this panorama, the otakus gathered in the kiosks and last May They reported sales of almost two million. This made him known Shonen Jump News through a tweet, in which they tell the totality of 1,780, 906 copies sold of Spy X Family, while My Hero Academia reached 770,373 copies, which are not few. Ah the surprising thing.

To the date, My Hero Academia had its own “kill count” by outselling series like Jujutsu Kaisen, One Punch Man and Tokyo Avengerswhose sales currently range from 300 thousand copies. More than this, what is surprising is how quickly this success has been achieved. The series has hardly had 63 chapterscompared to the more than 100 that others have.

And yes, we are talking about sales in the west. But it’s not the first time My Hero Academia lose the battle against a worthy opponent: Tokyo Revengers was the most purchased manga in August last year, which buried sales of the superhero series. This does not detract from the work achieved with Spy X Family, but it is interesting to try to find out where did such success come from and so sudden. Did you already read it? Why all the fuss about her?