My Hero Academia was destroyed in manga sales by Tokyo Revengers

My Hero Academia Was Destroyed In Manga Sales By Tokyo Revengers | Photo: Bones – Liden Films

My Hero Academia It is one of the most popular series in the world of anime and manga. This week the work of Kohei Horikoshi put volume 31 of his manga on sale, which has as protagonists of the cover to Blanket and All Might.

As published by the Oricon company, in its first week, the Horikoshi series is available for sale. managed to accumulate a total of 519,645 copies sold, maintaining the sales rhythm that the series has had in its latest releases and dominating the top daily manga sales.

However, this was not enough to beat Tokyo Revengers in the weekly ranking, since even though he has not released a new volume this week, the work of Ken Wakui It was able to surpass one million in sales and stay with the first place of the list with more than double the copies that My Hero Academia achieved.

On this occasion, the series starring Takemichi had a 1,164,190 total copies sold a little less than 74 thousand copies compared to last week’s sales.

On the other hand, even though Jujutsu Kaisen has remained with sales similar to those of the previous ranking, this was not enough to stay with the third place on the list and was surpassed by Dr. Stone, a series that also released a volume this week and managed to sell almost 30,000 more copies than the Akutami series.